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Anyone here maybe had a Thyroid hormone receptor Beta (THR Beta) gene mutation test?


My endocrinologist recently suggested it. Anyone here who did it? I should wait for 6 weeks for the results. Still haven't done it, I would really like to hear from someone who had it before I decide what to do. I heard it's very expensive. Any reply would be greatly appreciated!

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You may be interested in this article

LadyRed_ in reply to Clutter

Thank you!


Resistance to thyroid hormone due to a mutation on the THR Beta gene is rare but happens. Some thyroid hormone resistance is down to excess RT3 and therefore is rectifiable.

The necessity of the biochemical abnormalities suggestive of an impairment to THR Beta gene is very specific.

What meds//doses//combos have you medicated and what has made your endo suggest this test ? ? …

LadyRed_ in reply to radd

I am self-medicating with only T3 for 6 years. T3 saved my life. After all these years I finally found very good endocrinologist who is professor as well and who agrees that I need T3 but he wants to find the reason why.

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