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Thyroid testing

Re my post the other day about my GP's attitude (and ignorance) about thyroid testing, I was so cross I rattled off an email complaint to my local MP. Got the following reply this morning -

"Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

You raise a very important, but rather specific and specialised concern of the NHS. While I am capable of expounding general government policy in this area, the micro decisions of department are not under my jurisdiction.

I will forward on your concerns to the Department of Health, and can confidently attest to the weight they will give such a reasoned position.

Upon receiving a response, I will updater you further.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me."

I wonder if anything at all will happen. Has any one else done this and got a satisfactory reply??

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I fired off a letter to my MP a few months ago, he replied saying he would have to forward my question onto the relevant department, he has also replied again but only to update me that he is still waiting for a response. Not holding my breath.


I must admit I am expecting the same - but there is always hope!!!!


I should add mine was on a completely different subject, but the mechanism is the same.

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Sounds like a lot of waffling to me, I'd be surprised if you get anywhere, but sometimes it's good just to get things off you chest.l lol


Hello topaz1,,,while you are waiting for the mp's reply,,,maybe you could take up your complaint with the CCG,,as they hold the gp's to account and monitor the overall workings of surgeries,,,,also check with the NICE guidelines for the protocols for blood testing and any special exceptions,,and take the opportunity to complain about the gp's attitude, and was there an element of neglect towards you? and lack of knowledge on the what you require from them,,,good luck,,,ttfn from karen.


Wow Karen, thanks for that. I'll need to store up some energy to even think about it!! but have made a note of your suggestions for later. Thanks for the idea. Dilys


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