Palpatations, humming and colds sweats, has anyone experianced this ?

Hi everyone, I have experianced palpatations in my chest on and off for these last couple of years, Gp told me to ease up on the coffee which I did to no avail. Last June I started to get a humming noise rather like a lawnmover or generator in my ears, comes and goes. Been sent for ecg etc. Started Levothyroxine for low thyroid. This is driving me crazy these last two days I've had it near constant, I do not have one without the other, palpatations are if anything stronger, noise in ears louder while I can hear it in both ears it is more prone in my left ear, when I do manage to get to sleep I end up waking durning the night in cold sweats. Has anyone experianced this and have you found anyway to helpful.

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  • Tinnitus is a vitB12 deficiency symptom

  • Thank you MissLillyskisses, for that link, interesting read, when I got my B12 tested and I'm shocked it was as long as five months ago it was a bit on the low side:

    Vitamin B12. 368.6........ Ranges pg/ml 191.000 - 663.000

    I doubt I will get a diagnosis from Gp as they are not too happy with me for going and getting private blood tests done.

  • Like MissLillyskisses said, might be B deficiency. I think palpitations can be connected to B defiency too. Worth checking out.

  • Or both can be due to magnesium deficiency. :)

  • I got tested for anemia recently and the results was ok now taking Magnesium with my Vit D, last test Vit D was up from 7.85 to 30. :)

  • What type of magnesium are you taking?

  • Hi Greygoose I asked the staff in Holand and Barrett about K2 but was recommended Magnesium with Zinc 2 tablets contain Magnesium 266mg and Zinc 10mg

  • Hi tobie, sorry, only just seen this! Don't know why. Never, never ask advice of staff in Holland and Barrett, they have no idea what they're talking about! You may be taking magnesium, but you still need K2 - MK7. Not the same thing at all! I do wonder if we can't sue Holland and Barrett for misinformation!

    The reason we need it is because taking vit D3 increases absorption of calcium from food. And vit K2 makes sure that calcium goes into teeth and bones, and not the soft tissues. Magnesium and zinc don't do that.

    There's not much magnesium in that, is there! I would have said at least 350 mg was needed. But, that still doesn't tell me what type of magnesium it is. Knowing H&B, it's probably magnesium oxide! I really don't approve of them, and would never advise anyone to shop there. :(

  • ): Oh Greygoose I was going to shop online on the like Amazon for the Vitamins but was concerned that I could end up buying some duf stuff !Lol

    In the ingredients it does say Magnesium Oxide , Bulking agent (Microcrystalline Cellulose )

    And I have just noticed it says "if taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare proffessional before use"

    Think I will stop them as I am on a fair bit of medication , I'll still take the D3 but get myself some K2-Mk7 where do I go? Are the local health shops ok? Or perhaps Boots or a chemist ?

  • Oh, no, forget the High Street. Buy your K2 on Amazon. They're far less likely to sell duff stuff than your local Boots!

    They have to put that on the label, but you could always check yourself if there's going to be an interaction, by googling. Your doctor is not going to have the faintest idea!

    But, you don't want magnesium oxide, that's for sure. Magnesium citrate or orotate or malate...

  • Ok so no to a bottle of Duff Stuff then. Lol

    Thank you for your help GreyGoose. Shopping on Amazon tomorrow. :)

  • You're welcome. :)

  • tobie - how much VitD are you taking - you still have a way to go :-) You say your results were OK - what does that mean - optimal or bumping along the bottom of the range ? Do you have the results ?

  • Hi Marz I'm on Vit D3 25ug (1,000) One tablet a day

    I'm probally bumping along the bottom range, is it thyroid you are asking about?

    Now on Levothyroxine 50mgsince about the end of Jan Locum going to test again at 3 months to see if I need the amount raised.

    I got some more private blood tests done not thyroid but iron anamia etc will post when I find them moved house recently so everything is a bit misplaced, I am forever putting stuff places thinking that I will remember where I've put it and I never do infurating.

  • You should be re-tested 6/8 weeks after dose increase. Don't think 1000 iu's will improve your VitD levels. Try 5000 then retest early summer.

    Spend ages looking for things I have stowed away safely when tidying and then cannot find them 😊 Have yet to put my bag in the fridge !!

    You are overdue your thyroid check ...

  • I know Marz but when doctor says no more blood tests for 3 months what does one do ?

    Will increase the Vitamin D Thanks. I get so tired and feel so sick it's unbelievable struggle to stay out of bed everyday but seldom do, so I say good day off for my daily kip. :) Have a good day.

  • Could you have them done privately through Thyroid UK ?

  • I have done so before Marz and will do so again if push comes to shove. :)

  • May I ask are you being treated for hypothyroidism? Many of these are hypo symptoms. And yes, tinnitus is related to b12 deficiency. Mine never responded well to supplements but self-injecting b12 has made a good dent in it. I hardly notice it anymore.

  • Yes I have been on Levothyroxine since the end of Jan punturedbicycle . I may end up self injecting B12 if Gp does not diagonise but have been trying to get other issues addressed. Not easy.

  • Hi tobie

    I have had chest pain and constant ringing in ears for a year . Had all heart tests done and normal. Yesterday I saw Audiology and hearing is a slightly lower/could be causing ringing. I think tinnitus is associated with thyroid function. I was advised that pain and stress can exacerbate tinnitus and offered hearing aids and cds right distract you from the noises in ears. Hope you are ok . Xx

  • Hi Dreamer12 I have on occasions fell asleep with my radio headphones on. Lol

  • So interesting - thank you all. I've had tinnitus on and off for years, but this 'generator'-type humming is exactly what I've had since my thyroid issues really came to light. I describe it as like having an HGV outside the house with its engine running. I did say this to my GP, who raised a quizzical eyebrow, but that was about it! Funnily enough for various other reasons I was considering getting a private B12 test, so it sounds as if I should definitely do this. I'm so grateful to all the forumites and admin for the constant help and info. x

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