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Holland and BARRETT

Hello all, I've just returned from shopping in Newmarket, I'd run low on vit D3 so picked up a couple of bottles of Solgar 4000. When I took it to the checkout I was surprised that the young men didn't encourage me to buy vit k2. .. so I asked why, one just looked dumbfounded and the other said you don't need k2 the D3 turns into it when it gets into your body. Obviously I enlightened them both that the k2 steers the calcium into bones and teeth not the soft tissue and arteries, one's reply was well I didn't know that . I didn't ask him why he made up a story. I always thought H&B were good and knowledgeable, perhaps any years ago.

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That's not how large retailers work any more.

The majority of shop assistants aren't trained in the specific goods they sell by the retailer as it costs money, and it's been this way for at least 20 years.

This is why retailers like B&Q and John Lewis like older staff as they have the life experience so the knowledge on some of the products they sell.

If you are lucky and are young, you may work with an older worker who has the knowledge on specific items who you can direct the consumer who asks questions to.

However if the goods are specific and so the info on them changes regularly e.g. technology goods, health supplements then you will very lucky if you find anyone in store who can give you the full information on the product other than what the manufacturer gives them.


I was first prescribed D3 by a functional medicine GP I see privately 3 years ago and was never informed about the K2-MK7. In fact I first learned about it here! So I don't think Holland & Barrett are alone in their lack of knowledge! My mum has had osteoporosis in the past and after a few years on fossimax (gulp!) her bone scan came back as fine but her GP continues to prescribe Calcium and D3 - no K2- MK7! I have had a repeat bone scan and have been called to see GP so am expecting osteopenia or osteoporosis, have lost 1" in height over last 2 years and am now post menopausal. lost 1 1/2 stones rapidly 5 years ago following deigestive problems, got nowhere with GP, hence the private one. Happily have been gradually putting on the weight. I will not be going down the fossimax route but after further research have found LifeExtension Bone Restore with vitamin K2 and LifeExtension Strontium and with Nutriadvanced D3 drops with K2 to top up to total of 5000iu D3 daily and drinking more bone broth for the collagen. Will just get a repeat bone scan in a few years to see how things go but just don't fancy the side effects of fossimax and the like. Drs Myhill and Mercola have interesting articles on osteoporosis.


I have fibrous dysplasia, and managed to dodge the Zoledronice acid my consultant was trying to get me to have. I researched it and the USA are having class action over Recast.


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