Doesn't it just make you spitting mad when chemists change the brand of thyroxine you are on and then try to argue that they work just as well as the ones you normally take.

I got my repeat prescription today and when I checked they had changed the brand. I wouldn't have minded so much but my repeat prescription actually tells them the brand I need.

I rang and spoke to a very nice gentleman who just couldn't seem to grasp that my body doesn't absorb these ones properly and makes me feel very ill. I told him it wasn't the active ingredient that caused this it was the other stuff that was in them.

There are 2 ingredients that are totally different and one that isn't there at all. I told him he needed to put this on my repeat records.

He then went into great detail about how they have no control over which brands they get they have to have what they are given. My reply was if you don't have them get them from somewhere else as I don't like being made ill by medication ass I have enough of that with othjer stuff I have to take.

Why oh why do these people think they know our bodies better thatn we do ourselves when they don't.

I should add I have had my thyroid condition for over 40 years so I know how it effects me only too well.

There, moan over thanks for listening

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  • Zeberdee2468,

    If your pharmacy can't or won't order the make of Levothyroxine you want ask for your prescription back and take it elsewhere.

  • thanks my GP's do a digital prescription I am seeing my GP a week on Thuesday and I am going to ask him to put the make on the script after all it's his time I have to take up when they mess around with them

  • Zeberdee2468,

    Downside of naming the brand is that if there is difficulty getting the brand you will have to go back for a new prescription for an alternative brand.

    You should be able to ask to collect a paper prescription from your practice if your nominated pharmacy isn't willing to obtain the brand you want.

  • I agree very strongly, Clutter.

    I keep imagining someone with a prescription written for "Actavis" not being able to get "Almus" - despite it being the same product.

    Or, as recently, there has been a new entrant (maybe better put as returning company) in the form of Teva. You would not be able to get that if your prescription identified another make.

  • I have to ring round lots of pharmacies in order to find Mercury Pharma in 25mcg

    At least the 100mcg is easier to find

    I pick up my paper prescription from Dr's and then have to ring round to find some

    I have recently moved house and all the chemists within 10 miles are Boots or Lloyds - they never seem to stock any Mercury Pharma. I even got told, in all seriousness by one pharmacist "Mercury Pharma don't make 25mcg" !!!

  • I know they do as i have 2 boxes of it in the cupboard lol i had to get another prescription of the dr for wockhardt as that is the only brand that effects me the least

  • Your doctor is the only one who can change the brand not the chemists. They can only fill the prescription no more. Check your script and your prescription before you leave the pharmacy.

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