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THYROID medication help

Good morning guys.

Firstly hello, I am new here as I desperately need to talk to people for advice with thyroid meds, everyone's favourite topic right??

I'm Corey, I'm 24yo male. I started off with a tsh level of 136!!! I had absolutely no symptoms, I was lean and full of life and emotion! Ever since I have been building up to 150mcg levothyroxine, which have put my test readings back to 'normal'. However, I have now put on a ton of weight, I have every hypo symptom there is, I show little emotion and my brain for sends me all over the place.

So, come off the levo, surely!? I have weaned down to 75 now, and mentally I'm great, but physically I'm shattered. I have bought myself some T3, and plan to add 12.5mcg in the mix. Is this enough? Is it a good place to start? Docs and endos will not help me! As far as they are concerned I am 'fixed'

Thankyou in advance guys xx

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Welcome to the forum, CoreLewis.

What were your thyroid results and ranges when you were taking 150mcg Levothyroxine?


Have you got your 'normal' test results? With ranges. Normal and optimal are totally different but it seems a lot of doctors don't get that. I have read many times of people putting on weight with levo:( Lots of very knowledgeable and helpful people on here ( I'm just finding my own way with the expert help on here) But blood test results, ideally TSH, FT4, FT3, B12, FOLATE, FERRITIN and vitamin D, will give the info needed to help you. If necessary you can get these done privately by finger prick at home by medichecks or blue horizon via Thyroid UK website. Many of us do including myself.

Linda x Clutter is one of the experts who beat me too it :)


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