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How would I know if levo isn't working for me?

How would I know if levo isn't working for me?

This is the third time on upping my dose I'm now on 100mcg each time I feel so much worse my fatigue is the worst it's ever been! And having two small children is making me frustrated that I don't feel better after 4 months! I'm doing everything I can supplements cutting out gluten taking the medication on an empty stomach and waiting an hour before I eat. The only thing I feel like is that the levo doesn't agree with me!?

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I think at this stage it's impossible to tell as your tsh is sky high and your t4 is below range. Is your dose being adjusted and retested every 6-8wks? You may not begin to feel well until you're on enough levo to bring your levels back into range and w such a high result this could take some time.

Do you have Hashi's?


If your B12 and folate are low and that may be contributing to your problems. (((Nikkig))) it's a bummer but getting well again is a long slow process and so long as your levels are so awry just keep at it with the increases. They have to be introduced gradually and the fact you're feeling worse may just be your body saying, more, I need more ! What does your GP say ?

Don't give up. But bear in mind this can't be hurried

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