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Hi everyone , just a quick question.i have hughes syndrome +connective tissue disease .i also have a lumpy thyroid (goitre) .just wondered if any of you get pain in the thyroid .i seem to get this fairly regularly .it can make me feel quite unwell. I have been thyrotoxic in the past which was treated sucsessfully. All bloods seem to be negative. Thanks Elfie

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Hi Elfie1,

I'm sorry you've had no replies. Thyroid can become painful when you have a goitre or when nodules press on a nerve. Has your thyroid been scanned? You say you were thyrotoxic. Was the treatment Carbimazole or RAI?


Hi ,thanks for replying.yes i was treated with carbimazol .it was about 6 years ago.i've had lits of ultrasounds and they always tell me yes you still have nodules. It seems to be a lot more painful lately especially when i put my head down or even wearing a scarf can set it off.i'm waiting for a rheumatology appointment so i will mention it then. Thanks again Elfie



If you haven't had an ultrasound in the past 12 months perhaps you should ask your GP or endo to refer you for another.


Yes thank you i will do that .


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