Hi everyone , just a quick question.i have hughes syndrome +connective tissue disease .i also have a lumpy thyroid (goitre) .just wondered if any of you get pain in the thyroid .i seem to get this fairly regularly .it can make me feel quite unwell. I have been thyrotoxic in the past which was treated sucsessfully. All bloods seem to be negative. Thanks Elfie

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  • Hi Elfie1,

    I'm sorry you've had no replies. Thyroid can become painful when you have a goitre or when nodules press on a nerve. Has your thyroid been scanned? You say you were thyrotoxic. Was the treatment Carbimazole or RAI?

  • Hi ,thanks for replying.yes i was treated with carbimazol .it was about 6 years ago.i've had lits of ultrasounds and they always tell me yes you still have nodules. It seems to be a lot more painful lately especially when i put my head down or even wearing a scarf can set it off.i'm waiting for a rheumatology appointment so i will mention it then. Thanks again Elfie

  • Elfie1,

    If you haven't had an ultrasound in the past 12 months perhaps you should ask your GP or endo to refer you for another.

  • Yes thank you i will do that .

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