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The Continuing Story

I just thought I'd share with everyone my current status. I had my blood drawn a couple of weeks ago and was told all my thyroid levels and hormone levels were very low, plus I had a lot of inflamation throughout my body. I continue on a very restrictive diet and am increasing my T3. I am now up to 15 mcgs. Taking 5 mcg once in the am, 3pm and about 10 pm. Initially, my head and chest hurt and I had palpitations. This is now gone, as is my morning hot spells. I feel I can think clearer. My trigeminal pain keeps threatening to return, although it's not that often I get the pain. I've added an adrenal pill and some pantothenic acid. I'm a bit irritable, but overall I really don't feel that much different. I was told to increase the T3 rather then the NatureThroid because of the inflamation. I could go up another 5 mcg, but going to stay the course for at least the next few weeks. That's about it, stay tuned!

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Have you tried B12 supplements for the trigeminal pain? Low B12 is common with hypo and B12 supplements helped my pain. Just a thought, tho I know you said it's not too bad at mo.


Thanks Beth, I do take it, maybe I'm not absorbing it properly, or taking enough. I'll look into it.


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