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Bread cancer and RAI

hi, I have a problem.

I was DX with breast cancer 4 years ago and am suffering with lots of side effects.

I was DX with graves disease last August tsh 0.02, ft4 61.

I have been on carbimaxole and am very sensitive to it, 1 pill every other day is too much, 1 pill every 3 days is not enough.

I have been told that rai is my best option, I asked about other pills and was told that it is more than likely that I will have the same problems.

I have read that rai increases the risk of bread cancer. I am not sure going for something like it is a good idea.

has anyone got any advice or info on this.


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Could you halve the tablet and try 1/2 tablet every 2 or 3 days?

The dose of RAI required to ablate the thyroid gland to cure it of hyperthyroidism is quite low. I had high dose RAI following thyCa and my sister had low dose RAI for Graves. Neither of us was advised that our risks of developing breast cancer increased.

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I don't think that can be right. RAI or radio active iodine has been used a long time so if it was unsafe then it wouldn't be used. Also having been diagnosed with breast cancer myself I'm reading that breast cancer can be caused by being short of iodine so I'm reading more positives than negatives

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