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Thyroid test results

Hi I am new to the group, I have been suffering various symptoms that have been put to the. Menopause umbrella, currently on HRT patches which does offer relief from hot flushes/night sweats but I am not convinced this is all. I started last Feb with post nasal drip drip out of the blue running nose all the time, and what I can only describe as fluid sensation in back of throat. GP says its Acid Reflux and have been on Omeprazole 20-40mg daily very little response, no classic heartburn symptoms. Has a normal result for Upper Endoscopy. Have tiredness, fatigue, low mood, no energy, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Gastro consultant referring me to Endocrine Consultant, my blood tests came back with normal blood count but a reading of 5.5 elevated TS of 5.5, this means very little to me other than it signifies Possibłe Hypothroidism and should be monitored if level increases. I am taking Felodapine for blood pressure but just stopped them as the side effects are intolerable. Can anyone advise what level and the ranges healthy thyroid is and what it is if there is an issue with it.

Many thanks.

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Welcome to the forum, Christineblue.

What is the lab ref range (the figures in brackets after the TSH result)?

TSH 5.5 indicates your thyroid is struggling very hard to produce thyroid hormone. I think it is very likely your symptoms are due to hypothyroidism.


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