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T3 not working?

An update to the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago,(interesting results)after I had to swap to just thyroxine 100mcg because of cost.

This didn't agree with me at all,palpitations,sweats,headaches,tiredness.

My doctor has agreed to give me half of the T3 I was on - 10mcg.I had been on 75mcg Thyroxine and 20mcg T3 for 15 years,quite happily.

However I had expected to feel a bit better, but now feel worse than when on just the Thyroxine.It's been nearly two weeks now,but I am really tired, headaches,muscle aches.

How long does it take to adjust back to the T3, or is it just that 10mcg isn't enough?

I have to have a blood test in 6 weeks time before seeing the doctor again.

Thanks for your help.

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blondpalomino If you've had to agree to only having half of your previous T3 dose, and your GP was previously happy with you being on 20mcg T3, why don't you ask him if he's willing to support you if you bought your own T3 to make up the difference if your CCG refuse to fund the full dose.

Sourcing it from Europe, as many of us do, is not that expensive.

Or you could ask if the prescription could be for one of the cheaper European prescribed T3 such as Thybon? I'm sure I saw a post recently about that, from Germany I think. If I can find the post I'll come back and link to it.

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blondpalomino ,

You could use a standard UK NHS prescription on an FP10 form for 20 microgram liothyronine to obtain Sanofi Henning Thybon 20 from a German pharmacy.

The only difficulty is identifying a pharmacy which is happy to transact with you. And paying. Much less than for Mercury Pharma liothyronine but still quite a few pounds.


Thanks helvella . I tried a search but I got an Oops message, not working for me at the moment.

blondpalomino - ask your GP to consider that.


Thanks SeasideSusie and helvella,

I thought at least if I could get half of it she is still willing to prescribe it.If she is not willing or able to give me more then I will broach the subject of getting a prescription to send to Germany.

I was just hoping I would be feeling a bit better by now,maybe it takes longer to adjust again.


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