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Members from Germany please help!!!!

I´ve of late developed immense kind of tolerance towards Levothyroxine (every dose, all brands have been tried), and I´m in desperate need of an endocrinologist or a thyroidologist ('Nuklearmediziner') who can prescribe me any alternative therapy, in the vicinity of Frankfurt. The ones that I´ve tried aren´t even willing to listen to me and say that they don´t even know any alternatives!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Joshua

Just been looking at your earlier post, which I'll link here so that others can see what you've already said

Couldn't see it mentioned - but do you know what your ferritin levels are, B12, Vitamin D? I'm wondering whether something else is making it difficult for your body to tolerate levothyroxine. Do you take any other medication? Do you know if you're intolerant to lactose?

How hypothyroid are you? Do you have any recent blood test results to share?


1. I don´t have any blood report with me right now, but I did read about the possibility of vitamins´ or minerals´ deficiencies causing Levothyroxine absorption issues, so therefore I got them check twice, once in August and once in December, and was on both occasions told that all´s well over there. I did, however, on my own start taking vitamin B complex and Vitamin D to avoid the tiredness and brainfog that was/is caused on low doses on L-thyroxine, or the days when I don´t take it altogether in between to give myself a break from the toxicity symptoms.

2. All my other medicines are vitamins only (all of which I discontinued for two-three weeks to see if whether they were causing the absorption problems) except for Mirtazapine (15 mg), which I´d been put on by my GP for insomnia (this too was discontinued for 29 days to rule out a possible drug interaction).

3. Although it hasn´t officially been tested, but I did notice myself being intolerant towards milk post mid-2015 (diarrhea, bloating - the usual symptoms) and have ever since been using lactaid milk products, although them too I´ve discontinued completely since a month and a half to see whether anything improves, but....

4. I got hold of my blood report (from 12th January). It states: "TSH 2.31" and then below it states that the normal range is 0.27 - 4.20. That´s all that I´ve in hand right now.

5. Thank you very much! Your interest and the willingness to help is much appreciated. :)


Think you said last time you saw the doctor in Germany they didn't know what T3 was? This might help:

Thybon liothyronine is available in Germany (and a lot cheaper there than the brand of liothyronine available to us in the U.K. :( )


I know of two T3-alone preparations, but the thing is that if you as a patient point a doctor towards a medicine, they hate it! They interpret it as us ignorant patients trying to teach medical science to those who´re its inventors and guardians. So if a doctor doesn´t want to consider other options, one can forget our guidance any bit helping them out actually in return helping us, solving our problem. So I stayed silent.


I recognise the problem. Completely understand. {sigh}

But it still might be worth a try. You could always tell a small fib and say that a nurse/doctor friend of yours suggested you showed it to your doctor.


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