Trial First to Explore Test for Thyroid-Preserving Surgery

We’re looking at potentially saving patients from unnecessary surgery. ... It’s really exciting to be on the verge of tailoring the extent of thyroid surgery precisely to the aggressiveness of the cancer.

Sorry it this has already been posted as it is a few days old.

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  • Shambles,

    I think FNA accuracy will need improvement first. Mine was inconclusive but hemilobectomy was scheduled to relieve compression on the trachea. Histopathology showed the tumour was malignant and it was an aggressive type so I had completion surgery 3 months later.

    Great if it does spare patients unnecessary surgery though.

  • Like all things related to thyroid removal, so many grey areas. Just would be good it they could improve the diagnoses on any level before thyroid surgery.

  • Shambles,

    Totally agree :)

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