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Hi everyone. I was treated with carbazole 5mg 3x2 daily for hyperthyroid just before, during and after heart valve surgery. One moth ago my endo reduced carbazole to 3x1 5mg tablet daily. Now apparently i have gone into hypo and on tuesday stopped the tablets altogether...contoll in one month.

My question... can i possibly just go into normal hormone balance now i dont take carbazole at all. Feel nauseas and fuzzy headed and tired at the moment.

Thank you for any answers.

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It will help members to advise if you post your recent thyroid results and ranges.

One month seems rather a short time to be taking Carbimazole. Most hyperthyroid patients would expect to be taking it for 9-12 months before attempting remission.


I didnt put that very well. I had a heart operation in august 2016. I started taking carbamazole in july when they found outduring the pre op tests that i was hyperthyroid. I was on 3x3 5mg tablets., prescribed from the endo.These were reduced in September to 3x2 5mg tablets. I dont have any blood test results from this time.

At the end of Dec my blood tests showed

Ft3 3.6 ref 2.6 -5.7

Ft4 7.6 ref 9 -19

Tsh basal 1.627 ref 0.3 - 4.3

Carbamazole was then reduced to 3x1 5mg tablet

Unfortunately i dont have the results from last week as my endo told me by tel that i was now in underthyroid and should stop the carbamazole completely.

My questoon is now.... will i revert to normal by just not taking the carbamazole. I stopped 4 days ago and feel rather ill.... nausea, tired and fuzzy headed

Thank you



Hopefully levels will become euthyroid (normal) and FT4 level will rise now you've stopped taking Carbimazole.


Thank you clutter


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