Help with cause of swollen joints please :)

Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise what causes swollen joints (this time it is my knuckle). Each time this happens, it is really sudden and painful and probably last around 4 - 7 days and then disappears. Normally in my finger joints or elbow.

I just wanted to know whether this could be any of the following?

1) Flare up and if so, is there anything I can do to stop it happening?

2) Under medicated on Levothryoxine - I was increased to 75mcg last June and have felt so much better since then and havent had swollen joints since last year.

3) I did a Zip wire experience yesterday (largest Zip wire in Europe no less)!! and I wondered whether something like this could cause it form being anxious?

4) I wonder whether if I have eaten Gluten by mistake (100% gluten free for over a year) could cause this?? I have been out several times and ordered gluten free but wonder whether it may have contained some gluten.

5) could it just be plain and simple arthritis - but it seems strange that it happens so intermittently.

Any advise would be gratefully received :)

Thank you

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  • Jillycee,

    Ask your GP to do a rheumatoid arthritis blood test and to check your thyroid levels in case you need a dose increase as that previously helped.

  • Clutter, thank you, I will give them a ring and book a test. I was really trying not to go back to the GP as it has been so lovely not getting frustrated with them for the last 6 months, but I suppose needs must :)

  • Jillycee,

    If it is RA you want to deal with it before your joints become deformed. If it is due to under medication you need a Levothyroxine dose increase.

  • Clutter, thats great thank you. Will give them a ring now. Thanks for your help

  • Gluten could definitely be a factor so could other grains or food allergens like milk, or maybe nightshade vegetables.

    And look into your gut health. Bad bacteria? Parasites? Candida? Leaky gut causing undigested food particles to get into your bloodstream which your immune system then attacks?

    The Food Intolerance Bible by Anthony Hayne is a good resource. And look into an autoimmune diet.

    Also, if you find you do have RA, do look into natural and nutritional solutions first before going on something that suppresses your immune system, which could cause cancer it'll hide an infection, which could be fatal.

    Ensure your body is supported with the nutrients it needs to do its job. A Genova Diagnostics NutrEval test might be helpful.

  • Learner1, thank you for that information. Over the last few weeks there are several things that have been creeping back i.e. acid indigestion etc. I will take a look at that book thank you. I have rang the doctor and they are asking if I have to speak to a doctor or whether I can get the RA blood test done with a nurse without seeing the doctor. I have to ring back later today to find out. Thank you for your help

  • While you're asking for tests, see if you can have a stool test done, too.

    Fixing your gut will go a long way to getting your symptoms under control.

    You might also try taking curcumin which has anti inflammatory properties. Thorne Meriva is a product with high bio availability.

    And do work through the book. 😉

  • Excellent, thank you Learner1. I have just had a look at Curcumin. Would the following be suitable?

    Thorne Research - Meriva SF (Soy Free) - Sustained Released Curcumin Phytosome Supplement - 120 Capsules

    If so, what sort of dose would you suggest and would you also suggest black pepper extract (pipeline)? At what does?

    I currently take Levothryoxine 75mcg at night, B12 sublingual and B Complex in the morning and Vitamin D and K2 at lunch time. I'm presuming it would be ok to take with these tablets?

    Thanks again :)

  • The best way of taking turmeric (curcumin) is with as food, either the powder or grated root. It needs to be added with fat, which is why curry is great. But equally you can add it to scrambled eggs, over stir fried veggies etc.

  • Thank you steenygirl for your help. I do eat quite a bit in curries already as I love cooking them 😄

  • The Thorne Meriva is excellent. It's formulated to be bioavailable, so you don't need to take anything with it.

    Start at 1g per day and maybe go to 2 for inflammation.

    I've taken 3g daily for 3 years (during and after cancer treatment), divided between morning and afternoon, and it works fine. Not before bed, though.

    It helps with detoxing, too, so you may notice stool changes.

    It may interact with blood thinners, do research that if you're on one.

    Best of luck...

  • Excellent, thanks Learner1 for all of your help

  • I have osteoarthritis in my fingers and one finger has no cartilage. The joint flare up is excruciating but ibuprofen gel helps.

  • MissLilliysjisses, thank you for letting me know about the gel, I will give it a try. It feels slightly better today but It is still swollen. I have a doctors appointment for two weeks on Friday, but it will probably have gone back down by then

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