PRobiot Capsules taken with Levothyroxine

I wonder if my taking Probiotic capsules (biogran) fro Holland and Barrett is ok to take later in the day

IMreally feel they help my Acid reflux and IBS symptoms but not sure if they affect the Levo..has anyone got any thoughts on this..I get them from Holland and Barrett and thought about going to the stronger level..they don't have to kept in the fridge.

Thanks HAther 😊

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  • Sure, why not, as long as you don't take them alongside your levo tablets. Just give it a bit of time in between.

  • probiotics are fine any time but suggest that Bio Kalm from is superior to what H and B sells

  • I hope you haven't been given a PPI Yo help your acid reflux as they reduce stomach acid and we are usually low anyway. If you are make sure you take them at least 4 hours away from thyroid meds and then read up about them! If you decide then that you don't want to take them don't just stop, you need to be weaned of slowly. I'm told apple cider vinegar is good for reflux.

  • Yes I have started taking the Omaprazole. Before lunch, sometimes I don't always take them but think I will reduce from 40 to 20 as I do realise the contra implications since starting Levo last year. I do find that anything very sweet really affects the acid reflux lately so am trying to eliminate the sweet things, and thankfully I am progressing to more savouring things. I don't tolerate the vinegar unfortunately, am trying real lemon juice at the moment.. thanks for replying 😊 HAther

  • My theory on the reflux is that if thyroid meds aren't optimal the muscles in the sphincter become slack so let the acid pass too easily. Having read though about the PPI's though I weaned off them completely! About a year ago I had a new hip and was dreadfully sick all the time in hospital. I do have problems with allergies and asked if I could change the pain killer to one I was familiar with but they wouldn't. Turns out I was right but they asked me to take a PPI as I was so sick but I refused. I tried to tell them why but the only reply I got was had I had my stomach acid tested and I had to say no so I reluctantly had to take it. Within half an hour back came breakfast! If I had been sick in a China bowl you would have happily eaten it! Nothing had broken down at all plus it came up all at once which was extremely painful. It looked as it did when I ate it with a little egg and ham omelette on the edge of it! So yes it does react with Levo but it also isn't healthy as decreased stomach acid stops you absorbing properly everything you eat so Vitamin levels drop and other nutrients

  • I managed to get off Omeprazole too. I just didn't feel comfortable that the leaflet in the box seemed to say that they were only for short term use yet I had an unlimited supply - completely unlimited it seemed.

    I went totally gluten free and completely cut out fizzy drinks and chocolate. I eat normal food, cooked from scratch and that doesn't mean I slave away for hours in the kitchen. It just means I avoid anything with words I can't pronounce listed as additives.

    Also made sure my B12 and vitamin D are in a good place and took probiotics - no particular brand though.

  • Organic apple cider vinegar has probiotics, if you get the type with a cloudy culture at the bottom of the bottle. A little in the water you take with your THs is supposed to improve the digestion & absorption. I like it on salads, or have a spoonful before meals, then kefir later in the day for more probiotics, B12 & K2.

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