T4 online without a script from the UK


Does anyone have any recommendations as to which on line sites sell T4?

Has there been an import charge added on from air mail shipping by HM customs?

Does anyone know if T4 can be bought from Germany without a script? If so does this need to be ordered and sent to a German address or can it be bought in the chemist?

Many thanks and have a wonderful weekend :)

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  • The full details about tax are here:


    In summary, from the EU, no tax. From outwith the EU, and over £15, VAT on the cost plus shipping. Other rules apply under specific circumstances such as value over £135. The sting comes from the carrier's customs clearance fee - Royal Mail start at £8, others charge more.

    Do bear in mind, this VAT is exactly parallel to the VAT you pay when buying goods within Europe. (If the trader is too small to be registered and charge VAT, they will not be able to claim back the VAT they pay out. So it ends up much the same.)

    To buy from Germany you need a prescription. If you have one, it is possible to get it sent to the UK.

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  • Thanks for the info,very helpful and quick.

  • You can't buy anything from Germany without prescription.

  • You can buy B12 for injection from Germany as it is non-prescription there.

    But pretty much spot on - they are strict.

  • I meant medications, vitamin B12 is not exactly a medication.

  • B12 for injection most assuredly is classed as a precription-only medicine in the UK.

    See here:


  • Yeah, when I think about it they are so strict that basically you can't buy anything except Aspirin over the counter there and they are still allowing you to by injections. A bit strange...

  • Yes, you are right, I was once in Berlin with a terrible cold and the only thing pharmacist was able to give me was aspirin!

  • Dunno about Germany . I would imagine the rules are the same as here, no over the counter sales.

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