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Anyone used bloodtestsdirect? How to know which private blood test companies are accurate?

Hi just wondering if anyone has heard of or used bloodtestsdirect or know how to find out how reliable labs are?

I've found a couple now (much cheaper than bluehorizon for the test I want) but this one you can have your blood taken at some Nuffield hospitals if you wanted.

Do you think that means they're legit?

Is there any certification or anything I should be looking for? What has blue horizon/medichecks got that make thyroid uk willing to recommend them?

Thank you

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Thyroid Uk does get some money for each test done by Bleu horizon, apparently. Not sure about Medichecks... However the money goes towards research. So not a bad thing, perhaps.

Unfortunately can't recommend any since I haven't done any private blood tests yet, but am definitely considering it now. Am doing my research. The Forum have wonderful and knowledgeable as well as very helpful people and you will get some good advice in time.

Thank you. I have used blue horizon for my thyroid tests and can highly recommend them. But for this particular test there is a £80 price difference. I'm sure thyroid uk won't get anywhere near that so I'd be much better donating what I'd save if they're just as reliable :)


Thanks for recommending blue horizon. Indeed it is a good idea to give a donation especially if you get a more competitive price, as long as the quality is there. Good luck.

Hopefully it is!

Definitely just bite the bullet and go for it :) thanks to my bh results I've found I have autoimmune thyroid disease, vit d, folate and b12 deficiency which has led to my gp treating me but also testing my dad for b12 due to recognising the genetic link. Best money I've spent in a long time if not ever to get our health taken seriously :)

Also results were back the next day so no horrible nervous wait x


Very useful. At long last your GP could not say all your tests are "normal" as they always do! So do you have Hashimoto thyroiditis? Am wondering if I have it too as well as deficiency in B12, Folate, Ferritin. What symptoms did you get? Have you had a thyroidectodomy?

Good luck with treatment

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Thank you, yes I have Hashimoto thyroiditis and vit d, b12 and folate deficiency but high ferritin. I haven't had a thyroidectomy. My symptoms are weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, irregular/missed periods, feeling like there's a lump in my throat and difficulty swallowing. joint pain, pins and needles, tremor, hair loss, palpitations, often feeling like I need to sigh or take a big breath I could go on and on :)

Not sure if you've seen but thyroid uk have a good symptoms checker to tick off and show your gp.

This is the test I used to get all my answers:

I did the thyroid check plus three before this but now wish I'd just gone straight for the full one. Both results were back the next day with comments and advice from one of their doctors :)


Thank you Melissaemily for explaining. It all helps to make sense and try and sort one's health problems.

I think it's wiser and cheaper, long term, to go for a fuller series of tests. Hope you're getting better. x

Yes definitely lesson learnt.

To be honest I thought it was all in my head which is why I went for the basic test first. I was fully expecting my TSH to come back normal and that be the end of it.

- I forgot to mention the anxiety/paranoia :)

Thank you. I hope you get sorted too x

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When you feel so unwell it is normal to become very anxious... even paranoid! It's so scary when the body and mind fall apart.

Am still battling with useless GP... and have a few appointments to attend (privately to speed up process as have been feeling so ill for 15/18 months, probably longer in reality), but will get on with tests asap. Thanks again.

Take care.

My old gp was useless too. As well as a rude cold hearted bully. I only changed last week but so far have been very lucky. I took my results to my first appointment and have been started on treatment straight away and as I mentioned my dad went to see her following my appointment and she is now giving him the same checks on the NHS though he was already diagnosed with underactive and vit d. He wouldn't have been checked for b12 without my results though :)

Have you considered switching nhs gp's?

You're lucky you've found a decent GP who is open minded, caring, respectful and wiling to help you. Fantastic you dad is being treated... thanks to you. Indeed I'd love to change Gp, surgery but I live alone and am often not well and can't drive so it would not be practical to register in a surgery miles away where I could not get when so ill... a dilemma. I keep on doing my research and push all the time... it's exhausting as feel quite tired to start with... Still hoping to find a way. The people on this Forum are really helpful!

Completely agree I don't know where me or my dad would be without them. Probably still being told we were "normal" :)

That's a shame but best of luck with your private appointments x

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I read a post fairly recently but can't remember if it was on here or another athyroid one but someone had two tests done at Blue Horizin and one in eterfn at Medichecks and the Medichecks one I think was much lower than the Blue Hotizon. So be careful


Thanks for warning silverfox7! Was going to order Medichecks because I do not get much blood at all from finger tips and find it hard to press as have problems with fingers and squeezing.. oh dear! Are you quite sure about results difference? (sorry...).

Well they weren't my results I just. Ommented that it seemed strange that one was much different. The poster then replied she had been worrying as well. I can't unfortunately remember all the details now but I think the tests were done at something life two weeks apart but had I been suspicious as to the reason for that I'm sure I would have remembered.

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I think if they are 2 weeks apart, certainly with hashi's your results can vary massively in that time as you can switch between hypo and hyper. I can't say as I've never used medichecks but I know many are very happy with them :)

If you find it hard to get blood from fingers you can still use the phlebotomy service through bluehorizon if you're not sure on medichecks x

I've spoken to medichecks, the lady did check for me and found that the lab who offer the finger prick PA test through bloodtestdirect don't recommend it :(

But I guess there isn't great accuracy behind the venous test anyway either.

Very disappointing!

The poster had three sets and Medichecks was the middle one so a bit more confusing!

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I can highly recommend Medichecks, easy ordering, speedy results and they are very helpful if you ever need to contact them.


Thank you, unfortunately they only do the test I'm after by venous blood draw but I'm looking for the finger prick version.

It's offered by:

Blue horizon £129

bloodtestsdirect £50

Pulse health screening/Cambridge nutritional sciences lab £55.

The latter has poor reviews regarding the accuracy of their food allergy/intolerance tests so I'm unsure of them.

Blue horizon I trust but seem very expensive in comparison for this particular test.

bloodtestsdirect I'm unsure but was wondering if they can be trusted since they use Nuffield hospitals for phlebotomy services?

Thanks again

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Very helpful again. Thank you, am making notes!

I've always used Blue Horizon and get my blood draw done at the local Spire hospital. Accredited lab use by lots of private doctors.

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Hi melissaemily, I, thanks to this site are about to have a BlueHorizon test package - hopefully delivered today. I asked questions on their site live chat and Paul responded. He was so helpful, wonderful service and advice. I also spoke to Keith over the phone - brilliant. Because of comments on this site, I phoned my GP reception and asked to speak to the practice manager/usual question - why? So I explained to the receptionist that I wanted to ask whether the practice nurse would draw my blood as I needed a test that was not available on the NHS. I named dropped Pernicious Anemia Society and Thyroid UK stating that I was told by patients that most of them obtained their blood draw for such tests from their GP free of charge and a few had to pay a small fee to the practice. (I also belong to a gluten free group so I know that many have said on there/think on here) And I was phoning to determine what the practice policy is. The receptionist said that he thought it was clinical matter and best referred to a GP. The receptionist commented negatively on NHS doing private stuff, so I threw in, well I have to have it as NHS don't do and just a simple blood draw, but no matter I have alternatives. He apparently asked my GP as she timely passed.

I had seen my GP recently re symptoms and she knew I was to seek a private test and had done a referral letter for me to pick up because a local private hospital needed as a requirement but would do the active b12 test/thyroid panel. So to be fair she was aware. I had subsequent to the appointment found info about Blue Horizons from HU - no referral letter needed and much cheaper than the private hosp. Blue Horizons would arrange blood draw from the BMI hospital with their test anyway for £35 - even so it was still cheaper than going direct to the BMI hospital. But I wanted to get an answer definitively from the GP practice, would they do the blood draw or not and if so at what cost.

The receptionist telephoned me and said that the practice would draw my blood at no cost, with proviso: no liability etc. So pleased. It was obvious to me that this was my own GP's personal decision and a note was put on my comp record for the nurse for when I attend the appointment. Blue Horizons stated best have taken on Monday as could then be received early in the week and processed - best my blood not hanging around over the weekend.

I think name dropping and clarifying that other patients receiving advice from such prestigious organisations received the blood draw fom their GP practice, clinched it. My husband said, my GP probably said yes, just to shut me up! Hope this helps.


Thank you for this timely information LynneG . I have a GP appointment tomorrow and was going to be asking the exact same question about whether they would allow the practice nurse to take blood for a Blue Horizon Thyroid 11 test. Hopefully I too will get a positive response from them.

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Thanks Lynne. I have been using blue horizon for my thyroid tests but the finger prick route

I'm petrified of venous blood tests.

My gp surgery is willing to do the test but not until after I've started b12 injections which could skew the results.

Blue horizon do the test for £129 but it's £50 elsewhere which is why I was trying to find out how we know which companies and labs are reliable and accredited :)

I have just found that bloodtestsdirect use county pathology which is the same lab blue horizon used for my thyroid test. I think this means they are just as reliable and I can go for the cheaper option?

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Thank you. It's the intrinsic factor antibody test. I know it's not technically thyroid related but its being investigated due to low b12 found on my latest thyroid test and it seems everyone at thyroid uk have more experience with private tests :)

Blue horizon - they said it can only be done via finger prick through their London lab?:


Blood test direct (county pathology):

Pulse screening (cns labs):

Thank you :)

When I saw my GP recently re symptoms and concerns re B12 def and Thyroid, I mentioned intrinsic factor. And she stated was a NHS test and she would be happy to do, but we decided to wait until got my private active B12 test result. So why can't you have intrinsic test on the NHS?

Hi Lynne, they can do the test on the nhs but not until after I've started my b12 injections next week. Which could skew the results so I was looking into private options x

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Hi Lynne, they can do the test on the nhs but not until after I've started my b12 injections next week. Which could skew the results so I was looking into private options x

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Well i asked questions on blue horizon site on their chat line, ordered test and with me thru the post next morning. If my GP nurse or ( alt arrangement ) for blood draw was arranged. You could have blood drawn and then free to have injections straight after. Just to let you know Blue Horizons order turn around excellent. So if you are finger pricking. You could do same morning before your B12 injection.

Thanks! Can't get it done within the next week can you? ;)


Can you please clarify which blood test company you represent so that members know who they are talking with. And please add it to your profile for future reference.

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Sorry red apple. I think he/she is from medichecks. Mythyroidchecks is the name of one of their websites specifically for thyroid tests. Please correct me if I'm wrong :) x

Thanks melissaemily :)

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I need it testing before starting b12 injections on 27th Jan. Results can be after that but the actual test needs to be before so it doesn't alter the results :)

MyThyroidChecks, Can you please also confirm that you do have permission from Thyroid UK to represent your company here (see posting guideline 19 here )

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No problem,

I hope I haven't got them in trouble. I think it's my fault it became a representation since they didn't originally advertise where they were from I just worked it out, sorry.

I'd just rather have it done from a name I recognise if the price is similar. And a name I know many thyroid UK users have had positive experiences with.

No offence to bloodtestsdirect but I don't feel confident about taking results with that name on to a gp to be taken seriously. It sounds a bit like a catalogue :) but on the other hand I can't afford the extra £80 to go elsewhere x

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melissaemily, No, no, no it's not your fault at all! :) MyThyroidChecks have signed up with a name that is recognisable and chose to reply to you in public. I just need them to clarify who they are for the benefit of all members reading here.


Thanks :)

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Is there a reason mythyroidchecks profile and messages has been removed?

If he/she was able to get the blood test arranged for me then that would have been really great personal service and I think something other members should be made aware of. I know you have a link with bluehorizon but I would have made a donation with the £80 I would have saved from the test.

I now won't be able to know if they were able to help or not.

I hope thyroid UK haven't deleted it to keep blue horizon happy as we should be allowed to know and share all the options available to us.

melissaemily, I have no knowledge of this. I will investigate and get back to you.


Give Medichecks a call, they are very helpful.

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Hi melissaemily,

We definitely haven't removed them. I was just going to read what they said so that I can contact them to see if they would like to work with us and it looks like they have deleted their account. :-(

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:( Oh sorry lyn. Thanks for letting me know. That's really disappointing but guess I'm back to querying bloodtestdirect then x

I think Blue Horizon act as a postal service for blood samples and then send them on to accredited (UKAS) pathology laboratories to be tested.

Thanks siddooo so is it the UKAS accreditation I should be looking for? X

Yes, it is the national body which awards accreditation to laboratories and other facilities which offer other types of testing/calibration services. However, you would need to find out which laboratories the samples are sent on to, if, you want to check their accreditation status. I have used Medichecks in the past and found them to be very good.

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