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Medication absorption with Gastroenteritis

Suffering with a nasty bout of gastroenteritis at the moment and have had it for about 5 days, no vomiting, just the other. Does anyone know if it would effect absorption of thyroxine? All seems ok at the moment but as this is probably the fastest my bowels have worked for a long time I'm a bit concerned it may have an impact if it takes a while to clear up.


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The trouble is that there is really no way of knowing. It will really depend on how long the tablets stay in your stomach. Little if any levo is absorbed via the bowel.

The chances are that it will be fine, since you aren't vomiting. If not, it probably won't make too significant a difference given how long the half life of levo is. If you are fine on your current dose then I would think it is safe to ignore the possible loss.

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