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Blood results ,any advice welcome

Blood results ,any advice welcome

Hi every one ,newbie hear and first post

First off all must say what a great site,keep up the great work to everyone.

I am a male ,59 years old and have had b12 and thyroid problems for nearly 4 years.

Been on levothyroxine for about 2 years 100 mg now. Have b12 injections every 4 -6 weeks.but feel worse than I did 6 months ago.have some symptoms of high cortisol night levels but dr did not offer test.been getting continuous tinnitus for around 3 months it possible I might need higher dose of levothyroxine?

Would be nice to feel normal again if possible,this all seem like ages to get right I know it's a bit complicated but feel the Drs could be quicker on these subjects ,or better still refer to see a specialist .

Many thanks in advance .will post blood results from January this year.

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Welcome to our forum and the first thing I will say is that you are on too low a dose of levothyroxine. Your TSH should be 1 or lower, whichever makes you feel better. In some countries they'd diagnose you as hypo with a TSH of 3. Instead due to the UK saying that TSH should be 10 before diagnosing (horrific) you need more hormones to bring your TSH to 1 or lower and your GP should increase dose. Why did he leave you on such a low dose that your TSH is 3+.

You probably know you have an Autoimmune Thyroid Diseased called hashimoto's due to your very high antibodies.

The antibodies attack your thyroid gland until it's defunct and you are hypothyroid. You can help reduce these antibodies by going gluten-free.

Your doctor is unother who knows little. He thinks because your TSH is somewhere in the range is fine - wrong, wrong, wrong. :)

Your B12 is too low, you should be aiming for 1,000 and should supplement with methylcobalamin B12, sublingual. Tinnitus is also a hypo symptom.

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Hi thanks for replying

Got an appointment with Drs on Monday .will see what he has Got to say.prehaps monthly or three weekly jabs of b12 will be one next step .plus what strength sublinguals do you think? Will post again soon.

Many thanks


If you get injections you, in theory, shouldn't need sublinguals.


Ok thanks

Will see how I get on with more regular jabs of b12



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