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Requesting specific LT3 manufacturer in a special precription

Hello everyone, please can you share your insights with me about this following oddity:

My name patient basis "special prescription" was typed out -

Liothyronine 5microgram tablets

84 Tablet

take one three times daily

Sigma Pharma Brand

I specifically requested that the GP sign this prescription with the request that it was Sigma Pharma LT3 and this was ignored by the Pharmacist. I received Perrigo instead ( I am struggling with the micro-crystalline cellulose excipient in Perrigo and it doesn't feel as potent as Sigma Pharma with my Tevo LT4). When I questioned the pharmacist she stated that the Manufacturer "Sigma Pharma" needed to be on the first line of the descriptor and before the "Liothyronine", otherwise it is ignored! I am sure this is not right and that I have been fobbed off. She also stated that this was the first time a patient had specifically requested a particular manufacturer for a special prescription (...ergo my request is null and void?)

Please can you let me know of any guidelines/regulations that I can present to this pharmacist that may counter her statement.

Also I would really appreciate any information on the excipient micro-crystalline cellulose.

[My thoughts are to go to another pharmacist with my next prescription but this "village" pharmacist will now have 48 Perrigo 5mcg LT3 tablets on its shelf at ~£250 most likely going to waste!]

Thank you lovely people :-)

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amasufindme I feel that this explanation is true, as I have been told by a Pharmacist that has been more than helpful and I feel is very honest. If the actual Brand Name of the medication is not in the first line of the prescription then that is all the financing bodies go by. Therefore the actual name eg; Eltroxin has to be in the top line as that is all that is read. How hard is it for GPs to understand this. They ought to be cognisant with writing prescriptions by now! Sigma Pharma Brand needs to be the first words on the prescription in front of Liiothyronine. I went backwards and forwards three times trying to sort this out with ignorant/awkward GPs for the past two times of ordering prescription. I have to do it again in a couple of weeks and am getting despondent already.


Thank you j_bee, that's affirming, I will pass my feedback to the GP surgery and hope that they take it well !

The Pharmacist does have my phone numbers and we have spoken before about 'communication issues' - I would have that she could take the initiative to contact me and query this with me rather than wasting NHS money...

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Really? I would check with another pharmacist. Doesn't sound right to me. I would expect my pharmacist to point out the "error" so I could have my GP rectify it. If your GP "corrects the error" on your next prescription your village pharmacy will be left with the Perrigo T3. I don't see that as your problem.

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Thanks Clutter, now that I am enlightened I will make sure the prescription is correctly presented and also write a letter to the Pharmacist to ensure that they don't try to slip the rest of the LT3 Perrigos in the next prescription!

I am really weary of doing these battles...


This seems to be the only issue in this context that they would investigate in this case...I am so skeptical of the effectiveness of any complaint with these supposed impartial organisations.

"Dispensing errors

A dispensing error could include being given out-of-date medication or medication that is incorrectly packaged or labelled. It could also include being given the wrong medication or prescription product, or the wrong dosage."

Do you know if Pharmacists like GPs are classed as care providers under the CQC ...a quick search shows no results?


I've just had a similar problem in reverse! I used to be on Goldshield Levo now MP and had very few problems getting it prescribed other than one day, about two years ago I got home to find been given something else so I took it bad. I was shouted at for not looking in the Pharmacy as they will now have to bin it! So I said I didn't feel I should have to. So I was told in no uncertain terms that I should have it put on my prescription. I said I do and have done for about 20 years so she then said well I should have asked it to be put on their system do again I said I thought they would have done this as I never go anywhere else and guess what it was already on that so I got what I wanted but an apology-no!!!

Last week my son picked up my prescription as Pharmacist wanted to K ow what make of Letrozole I wanted. Son rang and said not bothered as always got something g different but needed to look at PIL's to see if any different fillers so would take whatever that day.

Went up to see him later I. The day to day happy to continue with what he had sent as that was the one hospital had sent me but would let him know if I had any Browns with it so he came out to show me what he had printed out to go on my card. My Goldshield now said TEVA /Goldshield but just said I buy my own but I also heard later a comment that the new TEVA is exactly the same of MP so is the NHS plugging the firm that's not costing them for T3! Get so cross though that they didn't apologize for their mistake.

So as a double check ask the Pharmacy to put exactly what you need on the record they keep of your meds.

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The new formula Teva levothyroxine is NOT the same as Mercury Pharma levothyroxine.

Not much point in having the name Goldshield now that company no longer exists (as an active concern).


Sure someone posted the other day though may be not on here that they were exactly there same. Bother another theory bites the dust!

Yes must be 30 years since it was Goldshield! I did say I was sourcing my own now rather that saying what it was but he said we leave them on anyway for 10 years!

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Sorry to ask here .... maybe I should be starting a new post? But how does one get a prescription on a named patient basis?


Its a process of negotiating with your GP/Endo about receiving a non-licensed my case 5mcg LT3, there may be CCG implications depending on the drug as it may be red listed as LT3 is, but implementation of blanket removal varies according to the area in the country.


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