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Thyroid issues ...since no eltroxin...huge weigh gain

Any one found a good substitute for the old eltroxin ..i am on centroid now for 2 years and taking twice the amount i use to have to take with the "original" eltroxin i am quite balance numd ber's wise ,but i am gaining weight what ever i do ...went from steady 55kg for 25years into a crasy 70kg in the last 4 years !

Any one find a med that would have the same effect on fat bi ding and metabolism as the old eltroxin did ???

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Sorry but I do not recognise the make "centroid". Are you in the UK? Or are you in New Zealand?


It's another name for Synthroid, isn't it?


Seems a reasonable guess but I couldn't find it in a search. That is why I asked for clarification. It could be a real product that I couldn't find or a typo!

I guessed New Zealand because they had a major issue with their version of Eltroxin a few years ago. The product was changed from being made in north America to Germany, changed company, and the formulation was revised. Many people suffered. Both of these versions of Eltroxin are completely different to the UK version.

Also, the Synthroid make became established in New Zealand as part of the handling of the issue.

Without knowing where DORLEANS is, everything else is a guess.


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