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Switched to Armour - achy all over?

Today was day two of the switch from Levothyroxine (25 mcg) to Armour Thyroid (1/4 grain, I believe it is).

I am achy all over today, like when you have a cold or the flu. I had a headache earlier than the acetaminophen didn't do anything for.

In the interest of full disclosure: I am due to start my period within the next few days.

Is it possible that the achiness is from the Armour? Is it something that I should tough out and expect to fade away - or should I just switch back to the Levothyroxine?

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Have you stopped Levo when you started on NDT? I could be the fillers but I would imagine that would be more itchy than achy though I've had a bad reaction to something earlier this week and that gave me a really bad headache, helped by drinking plenty of water. It could also just be your body getting used to something different so may be give it a few more days.


There's a tummy bug going around that starts with a horrendous headache for about 24 hours. Make sure you stay close to a Loo, there's not much warning!

Experimenting is the key to these things. Swap back to Levo till your skin clears up and try again.

Why are you on such a low dose?

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It took me 8 weeks to fully feel better after switching to NDT. Stick with it!


Both doses (levo and NDT) were/are very low but I'd advise you to stick with it and give Armour a chance. I shall give you a link which might be helpful.

Usually a starting dose of levo is 50mcg (unless you are very frail with a heart disease then it would be 25mcg) with increases of 25mcg every six weeks until you feel well. Unfortunatley doctors don't know what to 'feel well' means if hypo and can stop increasing too soon, according to the whereabouts of the TSH.


Thanks for the link Shaws .....very interesting .Would you be able to confirm the book from which it came it The guide to Metabolic Health ?

Something I would be interested in obtaining.


A member the other day said that she'd bought the book and I know a year ago there was only one priced at £800+ on Amazon. I looked on Amazon and it was now over £180 and was surprised to look just now and :-


Several copies at various prices on Abebooks. All well under £800!


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