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I'v been ordinated 150 mikrogram Levaxin and 60 mikrogram Liotyronin each day. The doctor told me that I even could have 200 mikrogram Levaxin every day. I don't understand how Liotyronin works together with Levaxin. I believe that Levaxin is the same as Levo. I'v not taken a bloodtest since 2014-10-07:

S-TSH 3.3 mIU/L,

Sfree T4 pmol/L 12,3 and

S-free T3 pmol/L 4,7.

Isn't it time to do a new bloodtest?

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Levothyroxine is a storage hormone which has 4 iodine atoms on it. It does nothing much part from float around until you need some energy. Then it is converted into liothyronine, by removing one of the iodine atoms. Liothyronine is used by cells to give them energy. As well as converting t4 into t3 we make anout 20 mcg of t3 in our thyroid gland every day.

The theory given by the pharmacists is that if we are given t4. (Levothyroxine) only, the body will compensate by converting more than normal, to make up for the 20 mcg which is not being made by the thyroid. There is no proof that this will happen, in fact, it often seems not to, which is partly the reason people remain ill on t4 only.

Alood test, once you are taking t3 will usually show very low tsh. Make sure that your free t3 is at the top of, but not over range... And dont take meds for at least 12 hours before a test.

Xx g

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I'v taken a test now. Tsh <0,1, Sfree T4 12,0 och Sfree T3 5,4.


Thanks for Your answer. I'v been ordinated 120 mikrogram Liothyronin each day not 60 as I wrote. I began with 20 and doubled up every week until I reached 160 mikrogram each day. The doctor cut it to 120 mikrogram after several weeks.


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