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A levo question

Subsequent to the advice on this forum, I've started taking my levo before going to bed instead of first thing in the morning and I'm delighted to report much better sleeping. My question is this; when I take it in the morning, I have an empty stomach of course, and I know it's best to not eat for up to an hour afterwards. If I'm taking it at night, should I not eat for a specific amount of time beforehand?

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Hi straighttalking

I too take mine at night now.

From other posts, I understand that you should not eat for 2.5 hours before tablets, and also no other tablets at the same time.

I take my Magnesium just after dinner, as it helps you sleep , and then no milky drinks in evening. I tend to have Valerian or Pukka nighttime tea, if helps me sleep.

It stops me snacking later, an unexpected benefit was some weight loss.

Hope that helps

Oh, and do not take it the night before a blood test.


I too decided to take my thyroxine at night, mainly because with RA, osteoporosis I take a lot of meds. I have naproxen with my dinner at night and don't eat anything after. I do have 2 paracetamol at bedtime. On methotrexate night I take an hour after dinner. I have noticed I sleep better. Also have a nighttime tea from H & B but have had this drink for 3 years now.


If taking levo at bedtime. If you've had a heavy meal earlier in the evening you should allow approx 3 hours between the food and taking levo. I did a post earlier this week which explained the difference between male and female digestion and as we are hypo, we usually have a slower digestion.

If you are having a blood test in the morning, you should miss the night dose and take after test and levo at night as usual.

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