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I have been taking lavo 88mg for about 5 months before 75mg lavo been taking it for 10 years or more my question is I have been taking my thyroid medicine in the morning and drinking coffee my test results when taking medicine The Specialist says that it's fine but the thing of it is is my hair has never stopped falling out has gotten a lot better throughout the years also I have fatigue and other symptoms do you think I should go to a night time taking my medicine instead is coffee interfering with this even know my test results are normal now that I'm taking medicine

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I really don't know if my medicine is too high for me or too low sometimes I feel like just getting off it completely and going to a new specialist I really don't want to be over medicated or under medicated I know I had a vitamin D deficiency and I have severe osteoporosis my bones are in the red zone because I had a dr. Tell me my parathyroid works sometimes and sometimes it don't and that's why ny bones don't get calcium I just don't think there's any doctor that can really help

But the doctor I'm going to now so there's nothing wrong with my parathyroid she just doesn't know I'm sure she checked it when it was working

I am both hypothyroid and Hyper parathyroid

If you have hyperparathyroidism you need to find out why, if it's primary caused by a benign adenoma you need surgery to remove it. If it's secondary they must investigate what is causing it. If your calcium and PTH are high you need treatment.

Its my parathyroid thyroid that is hyper my thyroid is hypo they are two different things most doctors never check your parathyroid you have to ask for them too

Yes you have hyperparathyroidism, that has nothing to do with your thyroid, they have different functions and are not connected.

You need to know what is causing your parathyroids to overwork and as I said if it's a primary adenoma you need surgery to cure it.

Your hypo-thyroid is entirely a separate problem.

I will look into it more but this thyroid specialist seems to think it's fine because she doesn't check it only once when it was working the other specialist told me different

You need blood tests for calcium, parathyroid, vitd and phosphate, if both calcium and parathyroid are raised then you should have further tests.

We have lots of information on hyperparathyroid.org.uk

Thank you very much i also need a better doctor too

Parathyroid disease is complicated and can take a long time to diagnose, many doctors will have no experience of it.

Extremley common to be very low in Vit D with thyroid issues




Low vitamin D is a CAUSE of Hyperparathyroidism

See parathyroid.com/low-vitamin...

Also you can download their Vit D app for smart phone or tablet. (Cost about £1.50)

Add you actual blood test results......Vit D obviously

Also, if you have them, calcium and parathyroid results .....it will convert results to good graphs and help determine if cause is "just" low Vit D, or possible parathyroid tumour.


My thyroid is hypo and my parathyroid is hyper

It's two different things in the throat area

Get your GP to test Vit D, calcium and PTH (parathyroid hormone) at the same time. You need this to determine if cause is primary (parathyroid tumour) or secondary (low Vit D - eg due to undiagnosed coeliac)

Need to know if calcium level is high or not



Thank you i will look unto it

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