I feel better with free t4 higher in range.

I've had it!

I can't seem to feel better with added t3!!!!

I have tried all sorts of t4 and t3 combos and i believe i felt most alive when my frer t4 was high in range!

We have tons of t4 receptors in the brain and CNS...most of those receptors need t4 and can't use direct t3.

No wonder i feel brain dead on an increase amount of t3 and low dose t4.

I will try to post a very informative link soon

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Damn...sorry for the spelling mistakes!๐Ÿ˜•

Sorry cannot open above link so will do a search ...

Gardenofeden - broken link 'content not found'

Sorry...when i click on it it opens for me...not sure why.๐Ÿ˜ž

Im going to start taking t3 from tomorrow along with my t4 hoping it would work better for me. how long did it take you to figure out you felt better with that t4? do you still take lower amount of t3?

Hi there!

I am going to start taking 125 t4 tomorrow along with 5 t3.

My dose was 100 t4 and 12.5 t3.

I always feel low whenever my t4 is low.

I have tried all kinds of different doses the past 16 yrs and i conclude that i am one of the rare ones that like a high t4๐Ÿ˜Š

I do not have a thyroid gland and i think that makes a huge difference, at least for me it does!

If a higher t3 works for others then that's great.

Just goes to show how all of us are unique๐Ÿ˜Š

A lot of us take T3 only, no T4, and we're not in the least brain dead!

We're all different, and need different things. I think you should avoid blunt statements of that kind, which scare people off something that might give them back their life. :)

Not trying to scare anyone actually hoping i might help a few of us who do feel more alive with a t4 higher in range!

Hoping to connect with such individuals!

I know you're not trying to scare anyone, but when people start out on this journey, they are very vulnerable, and need encouragement. The T3 might suit them, even if it doesn't suit you.

But, it's true, some people don't get on with it, and you're obviously one of those. But I doubt if you're going to connect with people who do well on T4 only, on here. We're mainly people who don't do well on T4 only. Those that do, don't need forums. :)

I never said t4 only...just said when my t4 is higher i feel better!

I shall add some t3 to the mix...but definitely not as much as i have been....

So, what you're saying is that you feel better when your FT4 is higher than your FT3? That's not always easy to achieve, because when you take T3, the body doesn't hold on to as much T4.

My t4 has always been higher.

Not sure if it's because i am thyroidless.

I might not convert the best but every time i add more cytomel and get that ft3 to climb...i get jittery and restless and insomnia...

I have had adrenal and cortisol tested.all good.

My personal dose is obviously different from others but it works!

My mom has severe multiple sclerosis which is an attack of her CNS...maybe i need more t4 for my CNS to work and feel its best.

I have strange tingling in my extremities when my ft4 is lower in range and when Ft3 is top of range.

I don know.

I could have more of a need than usual as i may have an unusual CNS...

I have read 3 different articles/ studies today that state the need for t4 for the CNS receptors that cannot handle t3 alone.

Me without a thyroid gland affects me personally.

Others it may not.

As long as we can figure our own, personal sweet spot, the better we are.

I wish everyone success!๐Ÿ˜Š

I think it's more likely to be because you don't convert very well, rather than because you have no thyroid. But, what is CNS? That's not something we see everyday.

Central nervous system ๐Ÿ˜Š

Oh, thank you! Too early in the morning for me! lol Brain not working yet.

Central nervous system

For me it's been when my free T4 is high in range I feel like I have more energy and my weight starts to fall off and i lose inches around my abdomen legs and arms but when my free T3 is high in range and my free T4 is around middle of range that's when I become tired and the weight creeps up on me, so I think direct t 3 adversely affects my insulin levels

causing weight gain and feeling poorly

OK Well, it's good that you've found what works for you. :)

Thank you!

It's taken me years and going through plenty of specialists! Lol

Hi gardenofeden,

I too have no thyroid as it was totally removed due to hashimoto's.

I am surprised that you feel better on more T4. Having no thyroid you need to supplement at least some T3, as in a normal person 20% of T3 comes directly from the thyroid gland and isn't all converted from T4,so if you have no thyroid gland this isn't possible.

Personally I need T3 to make me feel better,I am not well at the moment as I am on a trial of just Thyroxine at my doctor's request,(due to cost)but it's not working ,which I told her it wouldn't!.

You will be popular with your doctor anyway if you don't need T3,you are lucky if it is still being prescribed on the NHS now.


I have read that a normal, healthy thyroid only produces 3% direct t3.

I tried to post the link here, but i can't for some reason๐Ÿ˜•

Hi Gardenofeden,

I read it in an information pack by Thyroid u.k. which I sent for (and still have) when my thyroid was removed. You could probably find it on their website.

Ohhh my.

I have tried sooooo many doses of t3t/t4 over the past 16 years.

Too much t3 and i have insomnia and runny stools and i feel uptight and very anxious.

One source says that those without a thyroid, should aim for a t4:t3 ratio of approximately 10:1...some think 15:1 ratio is adequate as well.

So...if I took 100 t4, i should be okay to add 10 mcg of t3.

Of course, everyone is different, so adjust accordingly.

I will try to post the link๐Ÿ˜Š


I wouldn't worry if you feel better on just T4 then that's ideal,you don't have to take T3,as you say everyone is different.

I wish I only needed the T4, it would make life a lot easier!

Here's the thing:

Most thyroid issues start when our own immune system attacts it.

It is an autoimmune problem.

Our immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissues/organs in our body...treating those tissues/organs as an invading virus or bacteria, causing havoc to our general wellbeing.

It is thought that i started off with having Hashi's, then, over time, i developed thyroid cancer...so, I most likely started off having an autoimmune disease, and it is well known that if you have one autoimmune (AI) disease, you are very prone to having various other AI diseases.

In fact, i am currently suspected of having Lupus. I will know more about this in a few weeks as i need to get more blood work and x-rays....my doctors have always suspected that there was something else going on because my thyroid labs were always in range, leaving them and myself, feeling very frustrated.

Oh, and I do feel a bit better when i add a small amount of t3 to my t4๐Ÿ˜Š


This link may or may not be helpful to dome but i certainly can relate.

I feel like i could crawl out of my skin when my free t3 goes too high in range.

Not undermining anyone who does well on high levels of t3.

Just providing some interesting findings that may be of interest.

For *some...hahahaaa...can't type tonight๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•

Well, I have high levels of FT3, but have never indulged in any illegal activities! lol

Have you had your nutrients tested? Vit D? Vit B12? Folate? Ferritin?

Yes...all in optimal ranges

Is that your doctors opinion? Or yours?

It is in optimal range according to STTM

So, what can I say! I would not take STTM as gospel, I would get a second opinion, but it's entirely up to you. :)

I'm the opposite - with T3 as well I am a lot happier,on only T4 I am depressed and an angry bird!!

Hmm... your mom has severe MS and you don't have a thyroid? Just a guess, there are likely some other things going on beyond a simple thyroid medication problem.

The dose of T3 you're talking about is quite small. Perhaps you're revving up your system when it doesn't want to, due to a chronic viral or bacterial infection (chlamydia pneumoniae is clinked to MS and can be chronic, hidden, and causing problems), heavy metal toxicity, impaired methylation, mitochondrial dysfunction, nutrients deficiencies, etc.

And maybe that's why you're different...

And how are your adrenals? They could be a confounder as well...

Time to be Sherlock Holmes and find more answers....

Best wishes on your journey...

My thyroid was removed 16 yrs ago due to cancer.

My mom was diagnosed late in life with MS..she was a heavy smoker, terrible diet, sedentary lifestyle and depression.

Despite all that..she never got sick lol.

We live in Alberta Canada.

We have the highest rates of MS here...

No one else in my family history has MS and no one related to me has thyroid problems.

All i know is my head feels clearer when my ft4 is in the upper part of range and my ft3 is around middle of range...

I finally came to this conclusion when i found all of my old thyroid lab results and notes on how i felt with my different thyroid med dose changes.

Of course i will probably always need to tweak my meds as my body changes with age...but at least i know i have some hope

There are some good naturopathic doctors in the Calgary area. You might find one that's helpful on your journey.

Like I said, there are many other factors driving thyroid uptake.

Yes the thyroid is a very complex and complicated area.

Definitely not cut and dry!

Do you have a name or names of good doctors in Calgary?

Do you live here too?


I live near Bastyr University, the top naturopathic school. Look for a naturopath trained there or National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona, over ones trained at Canadian schools (not being a snob, the training is different and more thorough). I know my doctor taught a class in Calgary recently, and another doc up there was a resident with one of the top naturopathic doctors anywhere before returning home to Calgary.

I didn't mean to be glib earlier, I'd suspect that you might share an infection or genetics with your mom that came out one way in her and a different way in you. And that you likely have a few things going on, not one.

Easier to just take a pill, I know... wish I could , too, but the more I learn, the more I find. Getting a hit list of the top culprits, then prioritizing is the path to wellness.

Good luck!

Thank you!

I appreciate your input and was not offended by any thing๐Ÿ˜€

Hi I live in vancouver and had my thyroid gland remove do to cancer. First of they put me on 150 sinthroyd but in my lad visit doctor told me I had my leves really low so he took one pill off my week and then next visit he change it again to a lower dose and I have been feeling all wack I can't really get a good night sleep and have weird streaming though :( I feel like I have to much synthroyd but how can it be with a lower dose?? Any advices? Thx

Do you have a link explaining the T4 receptors in the brain ? Would appreciate learning more ...

I posted one above but if it doesn't open for you for some you can find lots of information on it on Google๐Ÿ˜Š

There's some info here Marz


Thank you!

Not sure why everyone is having such a difficult time believing me that t4 is great for me personally!

***for some reason

Tried to edit.

Won't work on my phone


โฌ†โฌ†โฌ†โฌ†This is probably happening to me๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•

Interesting thread - thanks ! Am wondering if your Mum has good levels of B12 & VitD - if low both are implicated in MS. Am assuming that with your knowledge things will have been checked ....

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