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Raised prolactin

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in October as a result of having bloods done to look at my prolactin levels as I was being investigated for a brain tumour. The raised prolactin level was then put down to the hypothyroidism as my tsh was over 200 and my T4 was 0.37. My tsh is now 113 and my t4 is 9.7, but my prolactin has increased further. They are now going to refer me to enocrine. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I was also seen in breast clinic to rule out anything there and that was all clear.

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I'm sorry you've had no replies, LittleHannah.

There are posts on raised prolatin in

Are they still investigating a brain tumour? TSH 113 is very high but FT4 9.7 doesn't seem unduly low although I would need to see the lab ref range (figures in brackets after result) to confirm.


Thanks for your reply. Once I was diagnosed hypo they stopped investigating for anything else, but now they are investigating it again. I'm going to see a consultant in Feb, but until then he phoned me to tell me to increase my levothyroxine and have more bloods. Then depending on those results I'll have an MRI. The range for t4 is 12-22. My gp said she wants to see it at 20, and my tsh at 2. My prolactin is 2500 (0-500) at the moment.



I'm glad they're continuing to investigate.


Hi little Hannah

High Prolactin levels appear to be quite common especially amongst Women.

Pro-lactin means pro milk and promotes lactation amongst several other functions.

In men it regulates Testosterone production and Eostrogen production in Women.

Prolactin levels are frequently high during pregnancy and after birth of course.

In men Prolactin production is increased immediately after ejaculation to reduce testosterone levels for a short time.

I have been conducting a little research lately as I was found to have a very high Prolactin level by accident back in March this year.

I was sent for a MRI scan by an Endo which revealed that I had a benigh Pituitary tumour . Apparently they are nearly always benigh 99.9% of the time .

I have been prescribed Cabergoline, (which is the most common medication for high prolactin levels whether there is a pituitary tumour or not.)

Cabergoline works really well and will bring down Prolactin levels in a matter of weeks and can often shrink any Pituitary tumour down to near normal size . Once prolactin levels have been low for a period ,people can then generally come off the cabergoline treatment

Alternatively there are a number of non-precription organic treatments which also are claimed to work very effectively in bringing down Prolactin. They have no recorded side effects and been used for decades by the weight lifting and body building fraternity to increase Testosterone levels by lowering Prolactin production.

Macuna Pruriens which is derived from an Indian bean.

Also it is recommended to take it in conjunction with Vit E and Vit B6 400mg daily of each and 50mg daily of Zinc and also Sam-E 400-1200mg daily is apparently beneficial.

I am ordering some Mecuna Pruriens today along with the vitamins and will see how effective that is for a month or so .

if there is not a dramatic drop in my Prolactin levels I shall have to take the Cabergoline but I'm keeping that in reserve for the time being hoping that the Mecuna Pruriens works .

Do a Google search on Mecunal pruriens Prolactin and also Youtube. let us know how your MRI scan goes and above all don't worry ok ! High prolactin levels can be brought down to normal very easily and quickly .

You might find these scientific study results . it showed a 69% reduction in Prolactin for Vit E

Vitamin B6

Mecuna Pruriens

Best wishes



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