2.5 cm thyroid mass

Hello all

My sister is under investigation for a 2.5cm thyroid mass, and incidental finding when scanned for something else. She had a FNA, she needs to go back again as 'not enough cell' but have told her there is no vascular component although there are some 'unusual' features.

Her thyroid levels are fine. No other symptoms except elevated liver enzymes (she's overweight).

Anyone with any experience? Many thanks for any help or insights

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It's standard protocol to FNA biopsy thyroid nodules >1.5-2cm to check for malignancy. 95% of thyroid nodules are benign. Hopefully next time there will be sufficient cells to analyse.

Thank you... Fingers crossed its nothing... Any idea what causes thyroid nodules (benign ones)?


Out of control cells proliferating. Dunno why it happens or why benign nodules become cancerous though.

Ok, thanks... Didn't realise that benign nodules could become cancerous... But guess it stands to reason... Thank you

I see lots of information that it's due to low iodine.

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