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Hashimoto's results 'historic'?


I was diagnosed as hypothyroid when I was 18 by my GP in South Africa, placed on Levothyroxine and told this is just how it will be for the rest of your life.

Fast - forward 20 years, a move to the UK 13 years ago, a mix-up and problem in getting my prescription, - long overseas trip etc. I have not been taking Levothroxine for 2.5years now. I started following up with my UK GP as to why I was on Levothyroxin for all this years but now, when off the medication, when tested, all my levels were 'normal'. It just didn't make sense. So she had both my thyroid antibodies tested, with these results:

A-thyroglobulin - 302 (0-60)

A-TPO - 400 (0-60)

TSH - 3.6 (0.3-5.5)

Free T4 - 11 (9-25)

However, she said that the antibody results were historic, and did not indicate that I had Hashimoto's at this moment, that when our antibodies were elevated, they stayed elevated and didn't come back down. Which sounds like hogwash to me... Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is it possible for our antibody results to mearly be an indication of a 'historic' problem? She has since requested an Endo appointment for me, so I will be asking them some more in-depth questions.

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My antibody results have come down over the years and are now within range.

TG Ab Dec 2011 122.7 (0 - 40); Aug 2014 18; Oct 2016 13.7 (< 115)

TPO Dec 2011 135 (range 0 - 35); Aug 2014 45.7; Oct 2016 30.3

They don't get tested often, but I'm trying to see how those relate to changes in diet and medication. It's not the wheat and oats free as I gave those up long before, but it could be related to identifying my sensitivity to potatoes. There's also the change to NDT and a later change in brand of NDT.

So... antibodies can come down.

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Thanks Anthea55, I thought that it was possible for them to change! I started eating more of a Paleo diet about 2.5yrs ago, and since finding out I have Hashimoto's I have been strictly gluten free. I will continue with this line and see if things can change for me.


As NHS rarely retests thyroid antibodies after the first abnormal result one has to wonder what your GP bases her assertion on. Antibodies fluctuate, being high after a lymphocyte attack on the thyroid and subsiding until the next attack.

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Thanks Clutter,

Well, exactly! That was the first time to my knowledge that my antibodies had been tested by the NHS. I'm thinking of finding out if my old SA GP ever tested them, and what the numbers were. Actually I wouldn't mind knowing all my old results, so I might track them down and see what kind of a picture I can form. Thanks again

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