Joint pains

Was diagnosed with under active thyroid nearly 6 weeks ago then prescribed 50mcg levothyroxine . I went back to see my doctor last week to say these pains in my fingers wrists elbows knees feet also neck & shoulders seem to have started since taking the levothyroxine . Doctor insists it's viral , I have had ongoing chest infection for last couple months . I did explain both my mum & my gran were really bad with rheumatoid arthritis & both in wheelchairs . So I am now having blood tests for antibodies . As no nurse available to do this for another 2 weeks . I am now back to work after 6 weeks off the doctor has given me phase to work 4 hours a day for 6 weeks , as normally I do 10 hour days over 4 day week . I work in a very busy call centre & type all day on computer . My manager wants to start to increase my hours over next couple weeks?? Going against doctors advice already . Understand they want me back doing the job as soon as possible . Guess it's the world we live in pressure pressure take your pill get on with it .

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There are 4 generic makes of Levothyroxine available in the UK. It is worth discussing your pain with your pharmacist and asking to try alternative brands which have different fillers which may make a difference. Brands available are Mercury Pharma, Actavis, Wockhardt and Teva which was reintroduced October 17.

Joint pain is often due to vitamin D deficiency which is common in hypothyroid patients so ask your GP to test.

Hey clutter thanku very much for your advice really appreciated :-)

Joint pain can also be caused by food sensitivities. Worth trying weaning off gluten (the biggie) over a week or two to see if your symptoms improve. Alternatively you could try an autoimmune protocol which cuts out gluten as well as many other common food intolerances such as dairy soy, corn, eggs and nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, etc):

Thanku so much for ur suggestions joisesmum :-) must admit I have bought gluten free pasta & gluten free bread this week . Pasta was fine but found the bread to be bit dry . But will try anything to help with these pains in my joints. Struggle with my job.

My daughter started with gluten free packaged foods but found them gummy and expensive with lots of additives so just started eating mainly fish, meat, fruit and veg and healthy fats, with occasional gf oatcakes and ricecakes. Best not to go "cold turkey" coming off gluten as it can cause some severe withdrawal symptoms, best to cut down over a week or two to allow your body time to adjust.

Yes I agree GF products are a lot more expensive. I am also a vegatarian don't eat meat or fish . Use to eat a lot of cheese & eggs, Limited now with cheese & eggs also now have high cholestrol :-)

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