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Anyone been to the Birmingham thyroid clinic at the spire hospital?

Please pm me. I have been recommended going here as I am sure I am hypo. Have been struggling for years, no help from Dr other than saying I have m.e. before I give up completely and resign myself to a life of exhaustion, I thought I could try a private endo. Trouble is the dr friend who recommended the Birmingham thyroid clinic is very 'nhs' so not sure if this will be another place where my results are not 'bad' enough to warrant a diagnosis. Any experiences gratefully received.

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Hi there, sorry I haven't been to this place myself but I am considering it as the dr's profile looks very good. Can you let me know if you get any further info? Thanks, hope you get somewhere this time.


Update: very weird but had a dentist check up today and he said I have a scolloped tongue, and asked if I had had my thyroid checked!! it actually made me feel better as maybe I'm not going mad after all......


Well done that dentist.

We should be seeing that being said by many, many members. After all, dentists should recognise a tongue that is odd and, hopefully, be able to make a reasonable suggestion. I certainly had a swollen tongue - with TSH below 5.

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