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Hypothyroid - new to site


I was diagnosed with hypo around 20 years ago. I am on 125mg per day and have been for many years. My blood tests are done around once a year to once every 18 months - doctors only send me for tests if I happen to go there for something else.

I am never told the results of my test other than "everything's fine" and am never asked how I feel. I just found this forum today & I am amazed by how much knowledge you all have. I just want to feel a little more reassured really. I have terrible burning palms and aching bones esp knee and elbow. Last time I was told it was tennis elbow and this time I was told it's quite normal for a woman of 48 to have aching bones and loud crunching knee. I also suffer with bad tinnitus but have never bothered to see go as I know nothing can be done.

Wondered what people might think. Thanks and congrats on a brilliant forum

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Welcome to the forum, Caroline_261.

Thyroid function should be checked annually. Don't wait for your practice to contact you, make an appointment yourself. Make the appointment early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) as TSH drops after eating and drinking. Take Levothyroxine after the blood draw.

You have to ask for your results. Thyroid results are usually returned the day after the blood draw. Give your practice 48 hours for the results to be reviewed and then ask your GP receptionist for a printout of results and ranges. There may be a nominal £1/£2 charge to cover the cost of printer ink and paper.

Yours is the 3rd post I've seen this weekend to complain about burning palms. There are posts on burning palms in this link

Aching joints and bones can be due to under medication or vitamin D deficiency. Other members report tinnitus is worse when they are undermedicated but tinnitus is a sign of B12 deficiency in some members. I would ask your GP to check thyroid function, ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Post the results and ranges in a new question for advice.


Thank you. My doctors told me I have to wait 2 weeks for the results



Good grief! My results are sent to my practice over night.

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My GP practice states 5 days for results. However this is the time for the practice to review the notes. The drawn blood has to be tested within 24 hours of the draw otherwise it goes off, labs post the results on the system on the day of the test. I know this for a fact as my daughter used to work in the lab!


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