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My 75 year old mum has just been prescribed 20mg Carbimazole, once a day, but has a hiatus hernia & experienced such serious digestive issues that she has stopped taking them. Has anyone, who has had similar issues, able to suggest a more gentle alternative? She is going to go back to her GP however my dad has just got home from hospital after a stroke, so it isn't that easy for her to organise.

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  • Joansdaughter,

    Propylthiouracil (PTU) is prescribed to pregnant hyperthyroid women and patients who are allergic to Carbimazole. Would it be possible for your mother to see whether she can tolerate a half dose of 5mg until she can see her GP. Hyperthyroidism can put a great strain on the heart.

  • Thank you, I will pass that on to her & she can ask her GP & I'll let you know how she gets on. I am rather worried about her heart as she is under a lot of stress at the moment.

  • I had digestive problems when I first started carbimazole. I was advised to split the dose into half and take every 12 hours. She shouldn't always be on 20mg per day so as her levels come down the dose will reduce and the digestive problems should subside

  • Sounds like a good idea to try now, thank you!

  • At one point when I was taking carbimazole - I was taking 40mcg a day - I ended up being given omeprazole, after a while I decided that I wasn't keen on taking omeprazole long term which was what seemed to be happening.

    In the end I became T2 diabetic because I was given steroids for inflammatory arthritis. I was given three months to sort myself out with diet and exercise and went on one of those blood sugar lowering diets and as luck would have it I accidentally sorted out my digestive issues by totally altering my diet.

    I stopped drinking fizzy drinks ( I can't imagine your 75 year old mother drinking a lot if Coke though) i also stopped eating chocolate, sweets, cakes and other junk food and I increased my uptake of healthy vegetables and ate more fish, chicken etc. The result was I lost a huge amount of weight and I no longer have digestive problems. Based on my experience it might be worth trying to tackle your mum's digestive problems that way.

    She could also having something to eat along with her carbimazole, I always had mine with breakfast, or even splitting it in two doses and having one lot with breakfast and one with dinner at night. I think some people must split their dose because my endocrinologist asked if I took mine in two lots or all at once.

  • I'm glad to hear that you have your digestion sorted out. Mum's diet consists of chicken, tinned salmon, potatoes, carrots, cauli, rice crispies, peeled apples/pear & the odd time well cooked beef or pork. I dont think she has much room for change but taking it in two lots is a good idea. Can you tell me any more about the omeprazole?

  • I was given omeprazole for acid reflux / indigestion. Although too little acid can be a problem too. I was tested and found negative for h.pylori first. I just didn't want to be taking it forever to counteract the effect if something else if I could get to the root of the problem.

    Forgot to say I also went completely Gluten Free a year ago - I'm sure that helps. I don't eat bread though, I could eat gluten free but I don't really care for gluten free bread and it spikes my blood sugar levels like mad anyway so I get my carbs from vegetables and other sources instead.

    It would be worthwhile your mum splitting her dose and taking it with food. I was taking thyroxine and I used to take that on an empty stomach as soon as I woke up then take my carb with breakfast, so I would take it with a meal if I were her, and a full glass of water to wash it right down.

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