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Using adaptogens

As I have high afternoon and evening cortisol I think I need some adrenal support as I raise my T3 dosage. I tried PS and L-Theanine last year and my sleep seemed to improve ( I still woke up a few times, but got back to sleep fairly easily), but the nutritionist I was seeing advised me to only stay on them for about a month. Am thinking of trying them again, and would like advice about how long to stay on adaptogens. Can you use them indefinitely? I was taking 100mg PS before lunch and 100mg L-Theanine before tea. Thanks.

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I have used L-theanine for periods of a few months,taking 200-400mgs mg in the early hours(my cortisol is raised in the morning)I have also used Rhodiola & Siberian Ginseng for periods of a few months.Some seem to recommend Korean Ginseng,Shizandra,Ashwaganda,Holy Basil.

At present I am using vitamin C 1000 with lysine.

I am interested in trying Holy Basil but need some advice on how to supplement this.

I take 55mcgs T3 only

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Thanks Naomi. Yes, I have heard good reports about Holy Basil. Might be worth trying.


I've been using Holy Basil for about 4-5 months now and it's worked a treat. I stopped them for two weeks in preparation for an ACTH test as requested by my endo, but I took them again as the symptoms came back. I take 62 mcg of T3.


I wonder why systems come back if you stop taking Holy Basil ?

Did it lower your high cortisol ?


Thanks Ltangua52. Can I ask how much Holy basil you take and when you take it. Thanks again.


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