Workplace(nhs) acceptance that my thyroid is a long lasting illness!!

Workplace(nhs) acceptance that my thyroid is a long lasting illness!!

Just bck from my apportionment with occupation health connected to my work...

This is me 18 + on fighting to get my hypothyroidism as a long lasting condition (along with my asthma..pbc..poa..gout..spinal osteoarthritis.& FATIGUE as a combination of the all above) watch this space for my boss on my unit to put in place..

Can at last start enjoying my job ..also restrictions are being put in place for moving patients/loads..(risk assessment)..& because of all my condition causing chronic fatigue iv been put on only am shifts so allowing me to sleep the the afternoon..

Just want to let others out there keep pushing for this it's worth the end result..which in turn allow me to work as a nurse and enjoy my job without worrying about getting sacked for my sickness record or capabilities within my job...been a long road but worth every fight ..(Just need a nap now !!!*)😁

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  • Ment to say 18+ months on..

  • Well done!!!

  • Well done you for being strong when feeling not so good be proud if yourself!! X

  • Thanks..felt like giving up so many times and letting the system win..stress levels might go down now lol 😅

  • Good on you , you can now get on with life & your job to the best of your ability. my manager issued me with a sick warning was not able to be off sick for six months so I was having to go into work so ill that in the end I couldn't get out of my bed I got so poorly . Doctor then diagnosed underactive thyroid so when I return to work this Tuesday my manage will refer me to OH so hopefully then I will get support :-)

  • My oc dept didn't support hypothyroidism straight away..(Hope ur oc dept is better than mine was bck then)..My boss's actual words where ..ok u had thyroid cancer but u had treatment & now medicated there is no illness to be a problem now !!*I was so stunned I couldn't speak lol you sound like your going through it..I feel your pain 😔

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