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Any alternative to 50mcg Levo

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is there anything else that I could take instead of the 50 mcg Levo that is making me crazy and my life a misey. I am on 50mcg Levo for nearly a year now and it has made my hypo symptoms worse by a million %. It has also given me a whole host of side effects that I can no longer tolerate; suicidal thoughts, constant crying, severe depression etc. My doctor will not increase the levo or do any type of T3 tests. Its going to take me approx 3 months to save to see private endo, so I will need to take a substitute to Levo for that time. Has anyone any suggestions? Thanks

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I raised my levels of FT4 by taking vitamins. I thought I wasn't converting well and read that it helped. It certainly improved them and I felt a little better. That's the only way of increasing your levels without increasing your medication I can think of. Have you been able to explain to your GP how bad you are feeling or is there another doctore that you can have a word with who hopefully will realise you are under medicated. 50 mcg is only a starting dose. Have you any recent results and their ranges you can post? If not then ask for testing and explain why you think that is necessary.


Contributors to this site say a small dose can make you worse as the feedback system tells your thyroid to produce less as you are providing the hormone. You need more.

As silver fox says get your blood results and ranges an post them for advice.Loading up with vitamins seems to be helping me in the face of a refusal to increase above 125mcg.

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I was on 50mcg levo for 8 months and it was a miserable time. I took matters into my own hands, but that's not for everyone. I'd be tempted to use scarce resources on buying blood tests, however, so that you'll have good information. There's no guarantee a private endo is going to be helpful, but if you know if there is a T3 or vitamin or mineral problem you'll be able to press for the treatment you need.

Regards, Katy


Hypo hell, I would definitely try to get some private blood tests, look at Blue Horizon on thyroid UK site. You can get blood tests to do at home with a pinprick/lancet. They do TSH, T4 and T3 and you can also add in antibodies. (Cheaper than an endo appointment) My local area will not do any T4 or T3 testing and you cannot get a "handle" on what is happening without that info. Also if Vit D, B12, iron, ferritin and folate are low they will affect how your body uses the levo.(badly) What are your test results? Do ask for copies of all of your blood tests and ask for the other tests for vits etc. Once you are on levo it is usually preferable for you TSH to be around 1 or possibly lower, to feel well.

Does your doctor offer telephone appointments, sometimes it is easier to talk to them from the comfort of your own home with your questions on a list in front of you.Keep telling the GP you don't feel well and you still have symptoms, keep a list of symptoms. You should have been tested about 6 weeks after first being given levo and then every time you have an increase. 50 mcg is very low. I started on 25, the went to 50, 75 and 100 over the course of a year. I have also been upto 125mcg. I am convinced that my body needs more in winter.

There is definitley a lot to learn about hypothyroidism, but everyone on here is willing to help/make suggestions. Good luck with getting test results and upping your dose.


When I was first diagnosed over ten years ago I had very similar symptoms and was advised by my GP to take St John's Wort for the depression. I have taken ever since and really helps me. ( Currently £10.95 on offer and must be UK made) Over the years I have taken 3 a day when not feeling great and have now reduced to just one a day. Please do your own research but I know they worked for me rather than the usual addictive prescriptions. I also suffered from severe brain fog and could not function until 4-5pm. I then could not sleep for days and totally washed out and drained.

As all say on here get the blood results and some one on this great site will help further.

It will get better and keep well


Interesting. I heard it is used a lot in Germany. NDT has fixed my horrendous depression. I suspect I was hypo for many years prior to diagnosis.


My advice is:

1. Make sure vitamin/mineral levels all ok or Levo will not work properly

2. If TSH above 1 increase dosage so it goes below 1

3. If still feeling bad, self medicate on NDT.

I suffered for 3 years post diagnosis and have never looked back self medicating on ThyroidS but my mum was and my sister is fine on a goodly dose of Levo (both had thyroid cancer so on a much higher dose of Levo than I got) but raising mine did not resolve matters for me. Good luck with it!


I wd also have an adrenal stress test via Genova diagnostics. Cortisol issues will make it difficult to utilise thyroid meds effectively. If u decide to go the NDT route Stop the thyroid Madness is an excellent bk to help u.


Hi TSH110,

I have read lots about NDT but never realised I could get it in UK.

Please can you message privately as to where I can source. I have seen some on a well known website but not sure if I am on the right track. Many thanks.

I have just ordered the book as mentioned by Caze (thank you and what a website they have with real information)

Thank again to all


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