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Thyroid-friendly doctors

Good morning all - although not so good as feeling dreadful today, but hey-ho!!

I have the list of doctors but don't understand how the system works. If I see one of these doctors privately and they agree to prescribe some type of medication which will help me, which my GP flatly refuses to do, what happens after this? Will I then have to see the private doctor each time I need a renewed prescription or will my GP have to continue with it? My GP has been happy to dish out laxatives, omeprazole, Prozac, ecg tests, etc but nothing to do with thyroid and I know I am among many, many similar people on this site.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Your GP isn't obliged to follow the treatment plan of a private specialist. If your GP doesn't choose to do so you will have to see the private specialist for repeat prescriptions.


Thanks Clutter, wasn't sure what the procedure was. Reply very much appreciated x


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