Cortisol hormone

Hi all. Thought I'd.share this, it's a work related article.they tested the cortisol levels on a group of carers who care for people with no mental health issues then levels from carers who supported people with dementia (very stressful work) they were asked to do deep.breaths at least 5 times.daily. yeah after 6 months the carers looking after dementia ppl levels came down to the others group

Best wishes to you all x

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  • The breath of life :-)

  • Yoga would probably have similar, or even better results

  • I have high cortisol that's good to know, thanks.

  • Your welcome I try and when I.get out etc put the kettle on its into daily life I agree with slow Dragon yoga good but that takes time

    Good luck.on.lowering cortisol xx

  • Good luck to you too xx

  • sometimes when rushed my adrenals actually physcially ache and this works for that too

  • htanks for posting....GREAT TO KNOW...


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