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Weight gain wih graves !!


Hi, I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid last year, I had lost a stone which was nice, but after being put on carbimazole gained weight straight away, too hot to sleep, hair falling out and basically felt rubbish, I stopped taking meds and trying natural things ie bugleweed I don't have so many of the horrible side effects but am putting in lots of weight and don't understand why

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I have graves and gained two stones . I was on carbimazole for 15 months and recently got taken off my medication as my TSH was 0.01 and it's now risen to 0.12 and my T4 was 86 originally and now it's 12.9 . To cut a long story short my weight has now reduced to what it was prior to medication and I feel so much better . I had all of your symptoms but I feel so much better . I hope you start to feel better soon .

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