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Thyroiditis flare?

Think I'm having a thyroiditis flare and feeling really poorly again is there anything I can do to help me feel better or shorten the length of the flare?

My Endo has got me straight in today and took bloods including checking for inflammation but thinks I've gone hyper but will settle in a couple of days. I also have an urgent scan for tomorrow. My goitre isn't too big but never does get massive to look at however I'm struggling swallowing, feel like I'm being choked, feel sick, just on liquid / soft food diet, reflux, burping, not sleeping, and all the usual symptoms shaking palpatations headaches fatigue feeling cold etc

Consultant said to take ibruptofen for thyroid inflammation. I'm scared and feel tearful. Is this what I have to continually cope with now 😢 I feel no one understands how poorly I really feel. Day to day is hard but these flare ups are unbearable. I'm taking all my supplements and being really good with my diet but nothing is helping

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Miss FG,

Are you gluten-free?

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Yes and I've avoided coffee and alcohol I just can't control it no matter how I try


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