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high fiber diet/levo

hi eveyone tx for reading this

ok at this point im quite confused and a little frightened about the potencial effect of a big fiber diet and levo absorption.

Lets make a point here i usually consume large amounts of fiber in my everyday diet, regarding this i check my thyroid levels every 2 month, everything is fine. i had discuss this situation with my doctor and he saw how insecure i was about this and he slightly recomend me to increase the dose from 100 mcg to 125mcg, my tsh at this point is rounding 1, 08 mIU/L

, but he said something that about this potencial effect on levo, he said that the maximum that this diet could hurt the thyroid drugs is about 20% of its effect, he said i was making my worries bigger than it should do

. i know theres a lot of debate about this, my question here is how worried should i be about this, i have concerns about the tsh fluctuations

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Hi VeganMan and there's no history in your Profile so I'm assuming you are hypothyroid as you, I assume, are taking levothyroxine.

I have read two articles, one for and one against high fibre and I'll give you both links:

The last link says, you should take high fibre away from levothyroxine. So you could try that in the next few weeks before your next blood test. Try and get the blood test around the same time as the TSH is variable throughout the 24 hours and is higher early a.m. and lower towards the evening.

Always get your blood test at the earliet so the TSH is at its highest and a TSH of around 1 or lower is good to aim for, of course the most important thing is that your symptoms are all alleviated.

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Hi VeganMan,

You've had a comprehensive reply from Shaws (as ever!) so I suppose its a matter of getting the balance right between dietry fibre and the natural increase in how more efficient you gut becomes as you become optimally medicated.

From your name, I assume you follow a vegan diet? The other thing to consider is to avoid calcium rich foods (calcium enriched nut milks and soy foods) within two hours of taking your levothyroxine as calcium inhibits the uptake of thyroid medication.


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