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Only diagnosed less than 3 weeks ago after couple years of repeated chest infections & flu like symptoms aches pains in neck & shoulders. Would be off for a week sick back a then back to work for month or so then ill again eventually issued a warning for being off sick so many times. So had to keep going work when feeling so ill . Warning now expired,I am ill again I requested tests when I visited my GP then diagnosed with under active thyroid prescribed levothyroxine 50mcg then was told take at least 6 weeks to take effect. I have been off work 4 & half weeks now & due to return 2/11 I am not sure whether to take chance return to work or get extended sick note. Fed up being home need normality & feel guilty taking so much time out off work :-(

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  • Charlieboy01 - did your GP mention that your dose of Thyroxine needs to be reviewed after around 8 weeks following a further blood test? Please take control of your health and obtain a copy of recent blood tests, you're legally entitled to these although there may be a small charge.

  • Thank you for your reply cinnamon girl. Yes I have another appointment for the 8th November for review. I am not sure whether to extend my sick note as I am due back on 2/11. Still feel tired but I keep putting it down to being layed around all the time . When I have gone out for few hours I end up with stiff neck & shoulders & start of sore throat thankfully clears once taken ibroprofen & paracetamol . As I say only recently diagnosed .

  • Sorry I meant my review date is 28/11

  • Hi when I was first told about my under active thyroid my tsh level was 21.6 and it took me 6 months to get back to work. If you don't feel right I wouldn't advise you rushing back as you may struggle. I still struggle now but been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, you know your own body and it may be boring at home but are you ready to go back. Think of yourself and your health.

  • Thanku jayuk.

    Wow! That is a long time. I have been feeling guilty being off for a month as a lot people like myself thought thyroid was just issue with your weight not that you got ill with it. Thanku again

  • People who haven't got a thyroid problem don't realise how it affects your whole body, I remember feeling crap, didn't have the energy to even move off the sofa and I thought I was losing my mind and also a lot of other things but my memory rubbish these days and I'm only 43... Make sure you get print out of your latest results and someone with a lot my knowledge will inform you of which tests to ask for. B12 is one to get tested as I'm deficient and have to have injections. It's amazing that one little butterfly shaped things can cause a whole lot of problems. Ask the doctors to check to see if you are postie for antibodies. This site has helped me so much.

  • You need to have your blood test done first thing in the morning, don't take your thyroxine for 24 hours beforehand, and don't have breakfast till after the test. Your doctor will look at the TSH number on your blood test, which varies throughout the day and drops after eating. If the TSH is too low he/she will give you less Levothyroxine to take. 50mcg is a starting dose and should be increased until you feel well.

  • Hi Charlieboy.

    I'm so sorry you're going through such a tough time. I've never been off sick with my Hashi's and struggle in to work when I probably shouldn't. I had some problems with a colleague and my line manager not understanding how to manage it so I called ACAS for advice and they were really helpful. Good luck!


  • Thanku for ur reply. My GP signed me off now for another 2 weeks. Said tablets take at least 6 weeks to work I only been on them 3 weeks & in 50mcg. So early days I guess. My colleagues say work is very stressful right now so I am better off resting. I worry as I have no energy no motivation don't get up before 930 then back to having hour or so sleep in afternoon

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