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T3 and Leptin

Hi everyone :) I am trying to educate myself on T3 and found some interesting information on T3 and Leptin relationship. Those who wish to lose weight know how leptin is important. When losing weight, we should strive to keep the levels of it stable. I am having trouble interpreting the info here ( taken from the study) :

"In previous studies we demonstrated in rats subjected to food restriction that the physiological dose of T3 (0.5µg/100g) increased leptin expression, which translates into this being the dose required for proper expression of leptin in obese animals treated with caloric restriction.(46) However, obese animals in a state of hyperthyroidism (25µg T3 per 100g weight) showed decreased leptin levels, as well as animals subjected to food restriction in the same hyperthyroid conditions.(47) "

How much is it in human dose do you think? I am having trouble converting 0.5µg/100g in rats to mcg/kg in humans

Thank you so much :)

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5mcg = 1Kg

65Kg x 5mcg = 325mcg which is a supraphysiological dose of T3 and very likely to cause atrial fibrillation if a patient could tolerate such a high dose.

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Thank you :)


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