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Thyroiditis, low mood, zero sexual desire

I can't remember when I last had an appointment with the endocrinologist because my appointment keeps being rescheduled. But more recently my mood has hit an all time low. I have no desire to have sex, and its causing problems in my relationship.

After my last appointment, and scan of my thyroid I was told I had thyroiditis which goes after a couple months, however I dont understand why I still have all these symptoms. I feel like my hormones are all over the place I feel;



Zero libido

Hot flushes


Barely any emotion.

I had bloods done a while back and my thyroid came back fine, so whats up with me. I'm going to attempt it and turn up at the clinic tomorrow and get seen, because if this isnt my thyroid I need some other help.

Anyone experienced anything similar?

#thyroid #lowlibido

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Do you have recent thyroid hormone blood test results to post, complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) ? ? ..

You were being tested with radio active iodine 10 months ago. What results did you get from this test ? ? ...

Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid and the most common cause of hypothyroidism. Have you tested positive for thyroid antibodies ? ? .... and if so, which ones ? ? ..

All your symptoms could be accredited to a thyroid dysfunction.


I dont have any recent ones, but the next time I have them done (which should be within the next week) I will post them. Results came back as thyroiditis, I'm not sure about the thyroid antibodies.

I just feel like my GP is a load of sh*t thats why I'm going to walk into the clinic tomorrow and ask to be seen.


Thyroid hormone tests confuse most GP's ! ! ....

Thyroiditis is another word for Hashimotos, which is an auto immune disease that attacks the thyroid. Each attack can make one feel very unwell and may continue until the thyroid gland is completely deplete of hormone, which then requires replacing with meds.

Members have found eating a gluten free diet and living a healthy life style has helped reduce their thyroid antibody levels.




Gluten & Thyroid Connection.


I haven't been offered any medication as of yet.

I was told my last results were fine. But I was also told that and then had a letter in the post to say they weren't (that's when I found out about my hyperthyroidism)

Hopefully nothing has worsened hormone wise. But if they are fine I really dont know whats up with me. I feel as though I'm going through early menopause. Its hormone related whats up with me, I can just feel it.

Thanks for those links


Fine is an opinion, not a result. You need the actual numbers before you come to any conclusions.

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