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Any connection to Lichen Platus

Hi I was given Levothyroxine in March this year as it was found I had a slightly under active thyroid. I had complained of sore throats, swollen glands and lethargy for ages so I was given blood tests. I had 25 mg. At first I noticed a change then it plateaued out so I went back. I got given reluctantly, (I might add),50mg. I noticed after a while I was having spots. They started on my hands wrists feet body and sadly my intimate parts.

They have been diagnosed as Lichen Platus. After reading about this it shows that it has links with the autoimmune system and the thyroid. Has anybody else experienced this?


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Yes i have Lichen Planus orally i have it on my inner cheeks of mouth and my tongue, several biopsies confirmed this, it tends to flare up when i am stressed but usually doesnt give me to much bother.

I did some research and found it does have connections with autoimmune problems, i do have problems also vaginally which i think is Lichen Planus although a biopsy didnt confirm it i tend to think it is so i do sympathize with you.

Dotti x


I also have lichen planus (tongue) and lichen sclerosus plus dry eyes. I have auto immune Pernicious anaemia and I think these things often occur together. I feel my thyroid is not optimal with tsh at 3.86 but get no where with GP on that. My cholesterol level is high at 8 again and that may be genetic also. Diet, exercise and plant stanols do nothing but I have bad symptoms on statins - myalgia and sweats - these metabolic things are a real nightmare!

I sympathise with you.


High cholesterol is related to thyroid issues.


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