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meds or gone wrong from op

have been under under medicated for nearly 3 years..had started feelin not right 3months after op have had symptoms bandaided with antidepressant i feel n not felt write. so been off them for the pas 3yrs with trials of other antidepressant but no luck..have how ever resently noticed after takin my meds not feel write at al mentally..i have tryed al the meds for thyroid an am at a los of what to do any help or anyone been in this boat..

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If you have had an operation with anasthetic, it can totally deplete your b12 stores.

Might be worth you looking up symptoms of low b12 and maybe getting some sublingual lozenges if you think the symptoms fit?



I took this from the nhs website.....

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

If you have anaemia caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency, you may have other symptoms in addition to those listed above, such as:

a pale yellow tinge to your skin

a sore and red tongue (glossitis)

mouth ulcers

pins and needles (paraesthesia)

changes in the way that you walk and move around

disturbed vision



changes in the way you think, feel and behave

a decline in your mental abilities, such as memory, understanding and judgement (dementia)


Feeling incredibly stupid again I should have made sure I pursued this. From your list (thank you so much for giving off your time to explore this for me) I was diagnosed Sjorgens another autoimmune disorder & one of the symptoms is ulcers as you have very dry mouth, I related that symptom on Sjorgens not hypothyroid, is this more likely to be thyroid related? I get pins & needles but only in my hands. I feel very of balance & have fallen so many times I have way it works for me to ensure changed in way I move around works best for me.I have blurry vision & have an appointment with optician on Thursday. I have been diagnosed with depression & oh yes regarding irritability but this fit when life got hard with folks telling me I had changed not like myslf,quick to dismiss what others were doing or suggesting & I did & continue to feel better on antidepressants so assumed I was depressed as I recognised I wasn't right. Memory big issue but again you develop coping strategys to help so I can function & so others don't think a big issue. I don't mention my memory problem as folks just say but they have memory lapses & it's an age thing..I'm only 50 so not so old & decrepit. .I'm sure with all my symptoms you'll probably agree with the decrepit bit😕 My son's very much say different as I repeat myself & absolutely convinced I haven't said or done something before, stumble over words or trying to think of the word. Memory, concentration, irritability is a problem but again have never related those symptoms to thyroid or VitB12 the thought that this could all be down to VitB12 would be best news ever...another long winded reply never mind me locking myself out from the site you'll be blocking me...😊 Yxx

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Argh I could scream I have just realised the VitB12 query & advice was not meant for me, incredibly stupid once again😐 Yxx


No worries, the whole point of the forum is that many answers are applicable to more than one person..... Xx


I didn't appreciate there was such a thing as siblings lozenges so will pursue this. Nope no anesthetic in at least 10 years xxY


I went through a whole host of antidepressants before Amitriptyline was tried & this drug has really helped. Amitriptyline is an old drug that medics stopped prescribing as new & more 'effective'antidepressants appeared on the market, might be worth mentioning this drug to your doctor


Depression is a SYMPTOM of hypothyroid not a seperate thing.


Hi Glynisrose I absolutely agree but it can also be unrelated to thyroid function depending on what you are dealing with in your life. After my sister died I did have depression which required anti depressants but this was totally unrelated to my thyroid. Good luck it's not an easy thing to deal with regardless of the cause


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