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Don't you just get tired and worn out feeling on top of the world one day and feeling so fatigued and wracked with pain the next you want to go to sleep and not wake up.

No rhyme or reason for the changes just happens.

I've always been a fighter, believe in the get up one more time mentality, but this isn't fair.

Apologies for the negative start to the day, I'm just tired and fed up.


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I don't have the same energy or vitality I had before thyroidectomy and have to pace myself to avoid becoming fatigued, but since thyroid meds are optimal and vitamin and mineral deficiencies have been corrected I'm no longer wracked with pain and exhaustion.

I hope things improve for you.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

My problem is the inconsistancy.

A few months ago I was refurbishing a house. top to bottom, very physical. had two guys with me age 26 and 35, both pretty fit. Im 53 Half way through the day they're knackered. I have no issues at all. Work right through. Im not a builder, it was my house, so the work is not something iv'e gotten used to, just had limitless energy and drive to keep going.

This morning I struggled to get out of bed, difficult to move, taking tramadol for the pain and feeling extremely angry, frustrated and depressed. Bloody miserable.

I don't understand. My thyroid is gone what the hell else do I have to give.


Hello Nick, hope you´re feeling better by now. After a year of posting, have you found out what the root cause of your tiredness was? Thank you, Laura.


Hi Laura

I think at the time the issue was a mix of taking levothyroxine and tramadol.

I’ve since gone over to NDT and stopped the tramadol, which is an evil drug.

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Hi Nick, Thanks for your feedback. I hope the NDT is working for you!


I have had similar times, I think I can go through periods where I'm running on adrenaline which helps to keep going. I recently moved house, lots of stressful paperwork, packing, moving, unpacking...managed it but now struggling again on and off through day. Yes it's very frustrating and difficult to plan things especially with friends.

Hope yr day improves.

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