Thinking of taking T3

Hi guys, so my thyroid levels have gone down so docs have put me up on 150mcg from 125mcg. Still feel as though im not getting anywhere as have been underactive for 6 years now. I wanted to ask for those who have self prescribed T3:

- have your symptoms got better

- any side affects

- anyone manage to loose weight

- how do you do ratio between T3 and T4

- reliable sources of purchasing the tabs

Many thanks

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  • T3 saved my life. Before it I lost my hair, energy, mind... and my heart was permanently damaged, T3 gave me my life back. There is no ration between T4 and T3, some people take only T3 (like me) some take both but ratio is different in every individual. It's all trial and error and nobody can tell you how much you need until you try. About reliable source if T3 without prescription I sent you link to mine, best one I used so far.

  • Please send me the link thankyou

  • Sent you link on PM

  • Hi, could you PM me the link too please? Thank you very much.

  • If im on 150mcg how much t3 am i looking at

  • StarBegum You need to know how well (or not) you are converting T4 to T3. If your conversion is 'dire' you'd need more T3 than if your conversion was 'poor'. The only way to know this is having FT4 and FT3 tests done at the same time. Then you'd also know whether you'd need to reduce Levo as well.

    I wasn't converting particularly well, but I was converting some but not good enough according to blood tests. I did a urine test to see what was happening at cellular level and this confirmed the T3 was extremely low. I reduced my Levo a bit, added a bit of T3 then left it to see how I felt, then added a bit more T3 and left it a few weeks then retested, both blood and urine again, then adjusted both Levo and T3 amounts.

    You need to do it slowly, it's a bit of juggling to get the levels tweaked to suit you.

  • Would the drs surgery do the urine sample?

  • StarBegum,

    No, GP surgeries test thyroid via blood tests not urine tests.

  • StarBegum The urine test is done through Genova and you have to use Thyroid UK as your 'practioner'

    GPs probably won't accept this form of testing or the results as they won't understand it. They only use blood tests and don't seem to know a lot about those either!

  • Im thinking if mixing the two to be honest

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